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The Perm Office of Public Prosecutor has demanded at ZS allocation of the earth for having many children

Office of Public Prosecutor of the Perm edge has addressed in Lenin district court of Perm with the statement of claim which obliges Legislative Assembly to regulate an order of reception by large families of the ground areas at the expense of the state ownership earths.

In the statement of claim the Office of Public Prosecutor demands to recognise as illegal inactivity of Legislative Assembly of edge. Inactivity is expressed in nonacceptance of measures to a legal regulation of an order of realisation in territory of edge the citizens having of three and more children, the rights to reception of the ground areas at the expense of the state ownership earths (from structure of the earths of the federal property and the edge property) . It is demanded by the Ground Code of the Russian Federation (a part of 2 articles 28).

we Will remind, according to the regional law accepted in December, 2011 from total number of large families - and them in edge 16133, in the program can take part not less than 12 thousand families. They will free of charge receive grounds in the size 15 - 25 hundred parts. For reception of the ground area it is necessary for large families to write the application in local governments. Experts will put all interested persons on the account and will make the summary list of the earths which will be given to large families.

But the Law of the Perm edge from 01. 12. 2011 871 - the personal computer About free granting of the ground areas to large families provides granting of sites only at the expense of the earths which are in the municipal property, and the earths the state ownership on which is not differentiated. And the earth which are in the property of municipalities, not everywhere it is enough for distribution large families. For example, in Perm for this reason there can be a social intensity.

At the same time the law as the Office of Public Prosecutor declares, does not regulate an order of reception of the ground areas at the expense of the earths of the federal and regional property and the property. It breaks provided by article 28 ZK the Russian Federation the right of citizens to reception of such sites and interferes with realisation by citizens of their legitimate right.

the Statement is directed by edge Office of Public Prosecutor to court after Legislative Assembly refusal in a voluntary order to regulate an order of granting of the ground areas.

the Chief it is state - legal department ZS of the Perm edge Oksana Hodorova has informed that in parliament documents from Office of Public Prosecutor have not arrived yet. And to make comments on claims of supervising body probably only after careful studying of the statement of claim.