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In suburb of Kirov will construct a modern cemetery

As have informed in establishment Lesoparkhoz it will answer the modern specifications and it is favourable to differ from already existing city cemeteries. The last were created many years ago, frequently chaotically that did not allow to build a necessary infrastructure competently.

the New cemetery near village Shutovshchina on distance about 13 kilometres from the regional centre will be conveniently planned by the area of 40 hectares, and, for each religious faith is planned to allocate separate sites. There there will be a big parking place, modern toilets and even capacities for watering of flower beds. On a cemetery will establish external illumination.

Now on auction the contract for the sum more than 50 million roubles on cemetery arrangement is exposed. It is planned that in the summer works there will begin, and in the end of the year on a new cemetery there will be first burial places.

we Will remind, today reserves of city country churchyards are almost settled, the new cemetery should solve this problem for many decades forward.