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Conflicts at schools have forced nizhegorodtsev to think of house formation

Conflicts between teachers and pupils of a steel, alas, almost constant companions of school life.

Here only a few absolutely recent examples forcing parents to reflect on family mode of study.

Though kol on a head teshi

In Lyskovsky area of the Nizhniy Novgorod region it is condemned the teacher, calling pupils. The world judge has sentenced 49 - the summer mathematics teacher of school N2 of the city of Lyskova Elena Akifevu who regularly humiliated human advantage of pupils, by a year of corrective works with deduction monthly from earnings of 10 percent in the state income.

As the public prosecutor of Lyskovsky area Igor Smotrakov has informed the correspondent, business in the relation of the teacher has been raised in June, 2011 under the official report of the inspector on affairs of minors. The teacher at dialogue with pupils of expressions did not choose, named them herd of rams monkeys pigs dolls which buy in shop some children, as she said, were worse its dog .

And sometimes the teacher simply dismissed hands. As - that the teacher has put to the eighth-grader on a forehead a marker an inscription Algebra - 1 and the signature. During change the girl has erased a brand but when has come on the second lesson of mathematics, Akifeva, having seen that the inscription is absent, already a ball pen has repeatedly scratched on a forehead of the schoolgirl kol and the autograph.

According to principal N 2 Olgas Anisimovoj, this incident became last drop:

- After it to us the official complaint from parents of the girl has arrived, and the teacher has been dismissed. At school Elena Jurevna worked more than 20 years and has signed the letter of resignation at own will. Later she tried to be restored through court, but it to it has been refused.

the Court has agreed with a position of a state accuser and recognised the teacher guilty of the commission of crime, the criminal code of Russian Federation provided by article 156 - inadequate discharge of duties by the teacher on education of the minors, connected to cruel treatment of minors.

the Judgement has not entered validity and will at the moment be appealed against. In the meantime inhabitants of district hope that at least this time to the teacher - to the despot to avoid punishment it will not be possible: for previous years of pedagogical activity of Akifeva has already won to itself glory of the teacher to which all escapes punishment.

the Fifth-grader has beaten the teacher

the Pupil - fifth-grader Sasha has beaten a mobile phone the mathematics teacher to a brain concussion. The teacher is treated in hospital and is not going to come back any more in native school to which has given many years. It is a shame to it to appear in the street because all know it and show fingers . The situation originality consists that Tamara Jurevna at all was not earlier in a conflict situation with Sashej, moreover, after lessons, at the desire of the grandfather, the principal in which the teacher works and the boy studies, in addition was engaged with it in mathematics (absolutely free of charge) as the boy does not differ at all abilities and diligence.

For what the pupil so has cruelly finished with already elderly woman? It appears, she has tried to call mother of the careless pupil to tell about it successes in the mathematician...

Mum of the pupil of one of the Nizhniy Novgorod schools has told to the correspondent about rather curious the stories, happened in the USA where the family lived some time in small campus. As - that there happens emergency: at school two third-graders have fought. you will think, event!? - you will tell and will be mistaken. In school policemen by the car with flashers, on " have been caused; criminals handcuffs, and next day a photo of fighters " have put on; in fetters and in an environment of policemen has been printed in the local newspaper. The picture was accompanied by article that parents of these boys badly bring up the children that they will be fined, and nuisancers - are discharged of employment at school on two weeks with the subsequent delivery of all passed.

... It would be desirable to present, what punishment would be received in America by our Sasha, the master of struggle by mobile phones, and his parents who and have not appeared in hospital at the hackneyed teacher that, on human laws, to apologise the victim. Sashu have translated in the next school, and business about drawing of harm to health of the mathematics teacher why - that have closed.

the Victim of rich imagination

But there are cases when parents or relatives are ready to trust any imaginations of the child. In the area Ministry of Education the grandmother of the third-grader of one of schools of Nizhni Novgorod has called to inform heart-breaking history: during a lesson the teacher dipped its grand daughter a head in a toilet bowl.

It was necessary to make investigation in which result it was found out that at the little girl very rich imagination which the teacher when has come to the senses, promised to direct to the necessary channel. Teachers it was a pity: it to it was in earnest about all absolutely, the stress should be removed in a medical office.

These stories, and also frequent cases of a frank negligence from employees of educational institutions fear plus that at school the child can get under bad influence of schoolmates, force parents to reflect on house mode of study even more often. What to do, if the child is compelled to study in difficult collective? If after cruel beating or constant humiliations he speaks to parents: I will not go to school any more! ? It is good, if nearby there is a safe school and if is not present?

By the way

in number from April, 10th, 2012 has told about advantages and lacks of family mode of study. More in detail - on a site www. rg. ru - Who does not want to go to school?

to the Reader on a note

How to issue family mode of study.

- to Find school in which charter family mode of study is registered.

- to settle terms of certification of the child (once a month, in three months, time in two weeks - all is discussed).

- to Write the Statement for transfer into training in the form of family formation addressed to the principal.

- to Conclude the contract between school and parents (lawful representatives) the trained.

- to Hand over in school documents on receipt on the family form of formation, the latest term - on September, 6th.