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In Transbaikalia the fire has left without light of three thousand persons

From - for a strong heavy wind this night in Transbaikalia oslozhnilaslesopozharnaja conditions. Overnight the riding fire was threw on district houses Bottom Tsasuchej in Onon area of region.

All population of settlement has been evacuated. For two hours firemen managed to prevent fire distribution, however from - for changes of a direction of a wind the fire has created threat to the next settlement - to Top Tsasuchemu. Fire has hooked   four houses, a fire have localised after even three hours. Everything, according to GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Transbaikalia, yesternight fire threatened 31 settlement. For today threat is liquidated.

As a result has burnt down four brick houses in village Bottom Tsasuchej in the south of region on which riding forest fire was threw. Now in settlement 21 tanker, five vodovozok, members of voluntary fire formations, local population, police officers and the Ministry of Emergency Measures works.

threat of transition of riding forest fire on settlement Top Tsasuchej Also is eliminated. The fire threatened four two-room brick apartment houses which inhabitants have been evacuated. Firemen managed to liquidate danger of transition of fire on inhabited constructions, to defend substation. We will notice that at fire extinguishing the commander of branch PCH - 3 second groups of the Federal Fire service, has burnt corneas of eyes. It has been hospitalised in regional central hospital.  

Meanwhile, fire has destroyed in Onon area of 124 support LEP, without an electrical supply there were three thousand inhabitants, have informed in a press - service of branch of Open Society MRSK Siberia - Chitaenergo.

According to the company, on 11. 30 Thursdays local time (5. 30 Moscow time) the village Ust electrical supply - Imalka is restored. Are replaced 12 support damaged by a fire. On a place of technological infringement work about 100 employees of the power company, 22 units of technics are involved. In Chita the emergency response centre works. The representative of the power company also has noticed that the situation becomes complicated from - for strong flaws and proceeding fires.

Under the information a press - services of the governor, without an electrical supply remain eight settlements.

this Problem (absence of an electricity) in Bottom Tsasuchee is already solved. In other settlements the electrical supply will be restored today (on Thursday) to 22. 00 - 23. 00 (16. 00 - 17. 00 Moscow time). The situation is complicated by weather - the wind amplifies. If since morning it is 7 - 8 metres per second after a dinner will be 15 - 20, and even 30 metres per second - the representative of the government of edge has specified.

the Governor of edge co-ordinates work of fire divisions from regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. All settlements to which forest fires threaten, remain on communication. Additional forces and means are into place thrown.

the Column of technics and experts on the night of Thursday has gone from the Uhlan - Ude to Transbaikalian edge to the aid on suppression of forest-steppe fires, have informed in GUMCHS Russia across Buryatiya.

the Column of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Buryatiya from 11 units of technics and 37 persons the chief of service pozharotushenija TSUKS heads the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Buryatiya the captain of internal service Pavel Mamontov. In 5. 15 (23. 15 Moscow time) the column has arrived in Petrovsk - Zabajkalsk where had a rest to 12. 00 (6. 00 Moscow time), then people and technics are distributed in places of suppression of fires - have told in department.

we Will remind that in the end of the past week as a result of transition of a steppe fire to inhabited constructions in Transbaikalia has burnt down 20 of 35 houses in village the Bayan - Bulak (Onon - Base) Aginsky area. Inhabitants have been evacuated, nobody has suffered.