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In the Omsk region have forbidden spring hunting

Such decision has accepted the regional cabinet. An interdiction principal cause - adverse weather conditions.

Extraction of natatorial game always was considered as the card of the Omsk region in which territory the set of lakes is located. Annually in spring duck hunting took part about 30 thousand omichej and visitors of region. However in this season to fans to do some shooting it is not necessary to uncover guns.

- For preservation of population feathery shooting of drakes of ducks, geese, a woodcock, males of a black grouse, a wood-grouse is forbidden, - has informed the biologist - ohotoved Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of region of Evgenie Ratnichenko.

On supervision of scientists - ornithologists from - for abnormal weather conditions the livestock of waterfowls has suffered bad losses. The malosnezhnaja winter and early spring have led to that in reservoirs of Priirtyshja the water level has sharply gone down. Besides it mass departure of hunters on the nature is invariably accompanied by forest fires. According to central administrative board of a forestry of the Omsk region the peak of ignitions is necessary for May holidays. Fire destroys habitats feathery and ruins their layings. The silence month is necessary that the bird could twist easy nests and deduce posterity.

the Initiative of the ministry of natural resources was supported by ecologists, foresters, scientists and heads of municipal areas.

However visitors of an Omsk forum of hunters the government decision remained are extremely dissatisfied. In their opinion, duck hunting is a national property and to forbid it has nobody the rights. More than 600 participants of a forum asked not to deprive of their traditional spring entertainment.

Nevertheless, the veto on shooting in woods is imposed till May, 13th. For infringement of an interdiction poachers are threatened with penalties at the rate to 2 thousand roubles and judicial claims. And for shooting krasnoknizhnyh Feathery quite really to receive imprisonment. The order in large forests will be watched by policemen, ohotnadzor and employees of protection department of fauna.

Today to Omsk hunters have already started to offer tickets in next - the Novosibirsk region.