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In Altay territory started spring field works

Field works on Altai this year have begun on two weeks earlier. But to speak about an estimate of harvest peasants do not hurry up - weather is changeable, and means do not suffice many economy.

Early heat has allowed peasants in a steppe zone of Altay territory in the first decade of April to leave on fields and to begin preparation of soil for forthcoming sowing. The primary goal - to keep the precious moisture, which stocks practically in all areas of edge on twenty - thirty percent below mean annual. Deficiency of a moisture is fixed not only on Altai, but also in Novosibirsk, Irkutsk areas, in republics Buryatiya and Tyva.

This spring the Altay landowners should sow 4,7 million hectares, and taking into account winter crops of agricultural cultures in edge will make 5,5 million hectares. As a whole in SFO it will be sowed almost twenty percent of the Russian arable land - 15,1 million hectares. Following recommendations of experts, Siberians this year have reduced the areas under summer wheat and have increased crops of barley, oats, grechihi, technical and forage crops. And here crops of millet, sunflower and flax why - that do not increase, though scientific these cultures consider as the most perspective.

- In structure of the agricultural cultures cultivated in SFO, wheat share is obviously superfluous, - the vice-president of Siberian branch Rosselhozakademii Nikolay Kashevarov considers. - instead of optimum fifty percent it reaches seventy. The oats and barley share is thus unreasonably underestimated. The share of leguminous cultures - no more than ones and a half - three percent instead of necessary eight - nine, and even in those territories where the animal industries are developed is small also. We recommend to economy to expand volumes of crops and commercial crops - flax, rapsa, sunflower which are rather claimed in the market.

Today on fields in Altay territory the winter already turn green. By an estimation agrarian vitse - governor Alexander Lukjanova, despite malosnezhnuju and cold enough winter, crops winter in edge have remained approximately on eight-ten percent of the areas. But in economy do not hurry up to consider on spring .

- winter it will be possible to give More exact estimation of safety in a week - another when the earth will settle, - farmer Valery Sarajkin speaks. - At us in Priobe has really ascended about eight-ten percent of wheat, posejannoj in the autumn, and in a steppe zone there are economy, where winter for eighty percent vymerzli.

peasants and about the future do not like to think, after all the crop on seventy - eighty percent depends on weather, and today very few people trusts forecasts of weather forecasters.

- Modern conducting agriculture assumes use of modern methods of weather forecasting. But we in this respect, unfortunately, move not forward, and back. Our equipment year from a year all becomes worse. The divisions of hydrometeorological service located in regions of Siberia, do not give long-term forecasts, it is necessary to address for them to Novosibirsk. Amazes a format of this information accompanied by an addition about it strict confidentiality and quality of forecasts rather low, - the governor of Altay territory Alexander Karlin at recent session of Council SFO has scarified work of weather forecasters.

Though weather forecasters do not predict this year the big drought in Siberia, peasants nevertheless are afraid of repetition of the last year`s weather scenario when in separate territories of deposits there were no more than two months. And as a result even in successful economy with mid-annual productivity above twenty centners from hectare of the grain have collected less than ten.

But, despite all fears, the Siberian landowners actively prepare for spring sowing. According to Inter-regional association the Siberian agreement all regions are provided by necessary quantity of seeds, readiness of technics in territories makes from 77 to 90 percent.

However from 286 thousand tons of the fuel necessary for carrying out by a sowing campaign, at reduced prices regions of the Siberian federal district will receive only 203 thousand.

Brakes preparation for a sowing campaign and a lack of credit resources which actually are one of the basic sources of financing of agriculture. Banks toughen conditions of reception of extra means - reduce limits, raise requirements to mortgaging maintenance and a financial condition of agricultural productions that in the conditions of high zakreditovannosti agrarian sector leads to deficiency of resources at agricultural manufacturers. So, if in 2011 - m in Altay territory for March, 1st to economy it has been given about 3,15 billion roubles of proceeds of credit, this year - only 2,39 billion.

- closer work with bank structures in this direction Is necessary, - Karlin is assured. - But while on our offers to enter regional representatives into structure of credit committees the Savings Bank and Rosselhozbank answer with flat refusals.