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Polezhaev has refused the privileges, put to it at addition of powers

Omsk governor Leonid Polezhaev has refused all social guarantees, put to it after a retirement. In the project of the new law there is a speech only about free health services eks - heads of region.

- New edition of the law is Leonid Polezhaev`s personal initiative, - the head of the device of the governor of the Omsk region Vladimir Radul has informed. - the Committee on the legislation has already accepted the document to consideration.

it is necessary to remind that according to the operating Code about the state posts and civil service of the Omsk region to the head of the region which has combined powers, single payment at a rate of five years` monetary compensation of the governor of the Omsk region and surcharge to pension at a rate of 85 percent of a monthly salary is put.

It has the right to the free car and telecommunication (under condition of residing at region). And also on health services, annual sanatorno - resort treatment, including journey on territory of Russia. At mutilation causing can count on indemnification equal 10 - to summer monetary compensation of the governor of the Omsk region.

After a retirement to the governor bodyguard, and also protection of its dwelling and property is put. In a case a swagger - major circumstances the lost property should be compensated in full. Maintenance of measures legal and social heads of region and members of his family is made at the expense of means of the regional budget.

the New law deprives eks - the governor of all these blessings. The exception makes only health services. The ascetic legal regulations concern not only eks - heads of region, but also the chairman of Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region.

However while it is a question only of the bill.

- We have approved the project to consideration and intend to discuss it, - the chairman of committee on the legislation of regional parliament Sergey Kalinin has informed. - this point in question will be placed for consideration Legislative Assembly on April, 26th