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Rekrutery began to use video interview for acquaintance to the candidate

Natalia Fridrikova , the general director rekrutingovoj the companies Bigl

Annually on the Russian market the new foreign companies come, and the domestic companies open branches in regions. Operative formation of a command and closing of vacant positions that demands acceleration business - processes is necessary for them. videorekrutment is that is necessary today for interview carrying out on distance and qualitative selection of the personnel without dependence from a territorial sign.

According to researches of psychologists in the course of telephone conversation it is on the average perceived about 20 percent of the information, during personal contact - 80 percent, during a visual communication session - 60 percent of the information. For the companies having a wide regional or international network, videorekrutment - the good tool for initial selection of candidates thanks to which it is possible not only to save considerably time and the budget but also to fill up the command with really best experts.

investments into the special software are necessary For qualitative realisation of technology videorekrutmenta and the allocated communication channels as quality of a sound and the image at video interview carrying out plays an important role - frequently their popular programs deform and, thus, video interview loses the meaning as behind all technical problems it becomes impossible to understand the person of the candidate.

Video technologies allow to be faster, give acceleration in decision-making. If it is important to company to be effective both from the point of view of results, and from the point of view of optimisation of expenses videorekrutment presumes to close vacancies in 1,5 - 2 times faster and to reduce quantity of business trips for the purpose of interviewing of candidates.

As a vivid example of the project with use videorekrutmenta it is possible to result the project on search Country Manager Russia for the large American company. The vacant position has been opened in Moscow, thus the head accepting the final decision, was in a staff - apartment in Belgium and had no possibility to meet competitors. Use videorekrutmenta became the best exit from a current situation. The client has spent video interview to 4 candidates then one finalist whom have invited to work by results of the competition final stage has been defined.

Other large electropower company selected tehniko - the commercial representative in Rostov-on-Don. The linear head of the future employee was in Krasnodar and spent interviews far off. As a result only on the basis of the spent video interview the client has made the decision in favour of the candidate and has invited him to work. But it does not mean that all time HR - to experts is necessary for concentrating to video interviews and to refuse from classical rekrutmenta. Any technology has zones of efficiency and there are certain categories of positions for which approaches exclusively classical rekrutment. One does not replace another, a question only that is more effective in a concrete situation.

At video interview use it is necessary to set parametres in advance always: to one employers it is necessary to understand only chemistry the candidate while the developed portrait of the competitor with a full picture of its expertise and answers to a set of qualifying questions is necessary to another.

In practice it is a lot of cases when video interview has affected the decision of employers. For example, some time of one foreign industrial company needed to be found the regional controller. The representative of the company with mistrust concerned young experts, considering that they have not enough experience for the given position, and preferred candidates not more youngly 33 - 35 years. But we understood that there are competitors 26 - 28 years which are ideally suited under requirements, and have written down some video interview to these candidates and have given records to the employer.

Having seen video, he has understood, as younger candidates are worthy applicants, possess necessary experience and suitable personal qualities. This case has clearly shown, what possibilities videorekrutment opens before competitors and how the emotional component is important at selection of the candidate. The manager on the personnel always can see again record, compare the impressions to opinion of colleagues (including, being in other cities) and to make really correct decision.

Use of video technologies in addition to standard methods rekrutmenta, instead of instead of them already from the first steps of work on a position yields visible results: to estimate the candidate it is possible is better and faster.