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Andrey Malosolov: Spalletti has managed to squeeze out from Zenith whether the maximum

So actually is strong Zenith ? The answer to this question is formally found, and actually more productively answer it direct competitors of Petersburg club in the championship of Russia could. After all they, instead of force sine - it is white - blue have beaten an intrigue in the Prime minister - league long before the termination of this strange in every respect draw.    

Possessing one of the best structures, the one-and-a-half-year way Zenith has passed rather exactly. A train of traumas to which supporters of the trainer of CSKA of Leonid Slutsky, vykosila half of command frequently refer. The hardest trauma of attacking Danni became shock for Petersburg, long did not play two more forwards - Buharov and Kerzhakov, Bystrov was hardly restored, were traumatised and for a long time left Semak, Gubochan, Shirokov, Husti, Mejra, Alvesh, Lazovich, goalkeeper Zhevnov. Anything to itself spisochek! However the keystone to success Zenith there was a trainer. Luchano Spalletti has won the championship of Russia of a season 2011/ 2012 because it really good trainer - both the theorist, and tactics. The Petersburg club many times stumbled, about it tells an indicator in 15 drawn games, though thus three defeats. zenith could lead a bad match with Tom` or Kuban . But practically never played badly with direct competitors. Except for accident in Cherkizovo when there was a bit the Locomotive with the account 2:4.

And here we speak again about a role of the trainer in the Russian football. I will underline, in Russian for club performance in Euro cups in this season has shown that age enough command, besides got used to the Russian refereeing, in decisive matches of League of champions has appeared is not competitive. Competent expert Spalletti has managed to squeeze out of collective in which tone age Shirokov, Zyryanov, Semak, Malafeev, which all together almost set 130 years, a maximum of the possible. And not always that is called, having torn all veins. In my opinion, competently constructed zenitovskaja the vertical used also indulgences from the judicial case, especially in the third round. But scandalous judicial plot, probably, was not.

At contenders Zenith there were too many own problems.

For example, the main problem of the main competitor - CSKA, -   there was just a trainer`s position. During a season left Gonsales, Akinfeev, Honda, Dzagoev, Ignashevich, Berezutsky, Toshich, Shchennikov, Netsid. Was ill and not in forces to master with lihomankoj, there has left Wagner. Whom have I still forgotten? It turns out almost as much, how many at Zenith . But Zenith the smog, and CSKA wanted also, having a fine set of football players, the best, than at Zenith could not. It is obvious that competition of trainers was won by Spalletti. And he too, rebellious, asked in inter-season period of new football players, and too as CSKA, has not received them. It too patched the structure, but it is obvious, has made it better Slutsky. At pitertsev too there were responsible games in Europe. Here Luchano Slutsky has lost battle, but has won not less important prize - a champion`s title.  

At Spalletti Zenith could play not so well, or it is on the contrary very strong, but never - it is not indifferent. At Slutsk of CSKA ognenno has won back only the first circle. And the command plays the third circle so as if not it owes to fans, and they to it. There is a slow degradation of the whole lines, not to mention persons in a line-up.

Spalletti has in many respects appeared more effectively and more strongly Slutsky. Spalletti, I apologise, on a game, and Slutsky still for a long time will listen a lot of new about myself from fans. Here simple arithmetics, from - for which it is necessary for soldiers to update a trainer`s staff completely. And about it I wrote in even autumn of last year.

Actually, Spalletti has changed not only Slutsky. Two More trainers can take a prize Disappointment of a season . If to Valery Karpin from Spartaka still pardonably it is a lot of and to be mistaken chaotically, - it all - taki not the professional coach, and at all had no corresponding licence,   that occurs to Kurbanom Berdyevym from the Ruby it is necessary to guess only.        

However, the bedlam reasons Spartaka and proud depression the Ruby are covered in a management of clubs. Karpin in many respects became the hostage not only a brief experience, including motivational, but also politicians of president Leonid Feduna. Not such, by the way, not indisputable. It is known that Fedun puts up huge money in school Spartaka . He wants, that pupils of club played for a basis. He wants, that they and other young football players played the Prime minister - league. Bryzgalov, Goats, Zotov, Ananidze, Butts, Kajumov constantly leave in this basis. More often their exit is deification of club ideology regarding work with youth and causes inflow of patriotic emotions of fans. However there are in the field far not brilliants - not faceted pebbles over which to work also to work. Therefore also game at Spartaka It is similar to character young, physically and morally an organism - to enthusiasm it is a lot of not strong, it is not enough experience. Confusion in a head and emotion. 2:0 at old tired a fox of Berdyeva and 0:3 from old, but artful a fox - businessman Hiddink, walk nearby.

As to Berdyeva I can assume that friction in the management case of citizens of Kazan have led to that the Ruby has lost any motivation and firm drawing. More boring and boring command not only in the first eight, but also in all RFPL still it is necessary to look. East person, Berdyev as if shows to Samarenkinu and to heads of republic - have touched sacred, have shaken old moss-grown wisdom a stone, here and receive the bottom part of the eight. To problems in collective of directors and change of a management of region personnel problems " were added also; the Ruby . That one of another, however, results. Berdyev has pretended that was tired, has covered eyelids, and actually quite to itself searches for a convenient variant for an exit from not comfortable environment for itself when to one khan in a tent have settled another.

Speaking about a certain competition of trainers, it is necessary to mention Portuguese George Kousejru from the Locomotive . To tell, something would be desirable and like it would be necessary, but while on mind active contribution to occurrence in the championship of such football players, as the Barge haulier, Eshchenko, Beljaev and Ozdoev comes only. Instability of commands Russian the Prime minister - leagues   - the main line of a season 2011/ 2012. the Locomotive one of average sons of this instability. Sredne an astable command, yes let fans do not take offence at me it is green - red . As the spokesman of this condition Roman Pavluchenko successfully acts. It is a lot of noise, like big and visible, and an exhaust minimum.

Anzhi certainly …   To speak about the trainer`s genius or serious influence on minds of football players I most likely would not become. The trainer`s leapfrog and a role of football players respected in the world in a role whether trainers, whether directors, whether godfathers of a command, meanwhile levelled a role actually trainers.

And here who was to be praised, so it Petresku from Krasnodar " Is given; Kuban . The Romanian, know to itself, drinks blood at richer and notable neighbours in standings. Has opened ingenious Lasinu Traore. Across the field not the most highly paid and known players cheerfully run. Play with all the heart for fans.

I Think, it is fast at Is given we will see as a part of from whom it has removed a scalp in this season.