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In Russia has appeared sotsial - democratic movement the Left alliance

it is Less than parties - bad and identical - this phrase became one of mottoes sotsial - democratic movement the Left alliance which has been created yesterday at constituent conference in Moscow.

that in Russia will appear sotsial - a democratic platform, it became known approximately one month ago - Gennady Gudkov and Ilya Ponomarev, a member of Public chamber Elena Lukjanova, in connection with the status suspended membership in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the co-ordinator " have shared plans of its creation esery; the Left front Sergey Udaltsov and left the economist and political scientist Michael Deljagin. As they said, the general the left platform it is necessary for coordination of all socialist and communistic forces, and in the long term - superparty creations into which will enter all levoorientirovannye political structures.

it is necessary to notice that leaders parliamentary left at first have concerned this idea with the big vigilance. But on the eve of constituent conference the chairman of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov all - taki has dared at approval and initiative support, and the leader eserov Sergey Mironov even has sent a message of greeting.

Organizers of movement have placed special emphasis that their child - an antipillbox to political reform which will cause to life of ten parties. there was an old model - to create some under control parties, to limit a circle and them to manipulate, - Gennady Gudkov has reminded. - it has not turned out. Struggle has begun, collisions, parties have started to leave from - under control. Now there will be hundreds tusovochnyh parties, fair of vanity and parade of ambitions. This absurdity should be stopped .

Elena Lukjanova, 15 years worked the party lawyer, has informed that today only in Moscow operate from 17 to 30 left public associations, including parties. the old Russian parable about a broom is most indicative in this case, - she has informed. - we regularly hear that it is necessary to leave together, to search for points of the uniform purposes and problems, but for this purpose does not become anything. We need to develop interparty communicative culture .

And Hooters, and Lukjanova have noticed that the normal socialist ideology is not present one party, and one of the platform main tasks should have its working out. But other participant of the project, Ilya Ponomarev has not quite agreed with them. In its opinion, the main thing - practice. that we are surprised, when people who leave on Marsh, speak: we did not vote for these swine, we voted for other swine - he has asked and itself has answered: - Vote by contradiction. Has bothered to be opposite. We, left, should show new faces. They can be found through the present trade unions, through volonterskie movements, through streets, eventually .

With theory questions esdeki plan to understand within two months. The first practical work is necessary in the autumn - on municipal and regional elections. Then it becomes clear, it is how much effective the Left alliance as the pre-election co-ordinator - in case of the correct arrangement of candidates excluding a competition left among themselves, their representation in authorities can grow.

For this purpose organizers intend to create regional branches in all 83 subjects. Gennady Gudkov has explained that they can be created on the basis of party branches eserov either the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, or sympathising public organisations.