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In Bahrain there is a court over 21 active worker of opposition

the Higher appeal court of Bahrain has transferred the next week adjudgment on business 21 active workers of movement of the protest. Them accuse of plot for the purpose of government overthrow.

the Majority of arrested persons - Shiits. Adherents of this direction of Islam have made skeleton of protest movement in Bahrain, leaving the last spring on many thousands demonstrations. Against them have directed the power services, not shunning beatings and mass arrests. It seemed, definitively the discontent has been suppressed by military men from neighbouring countries of Persian gulf. As the whip was offered together with spice-cake - the king of Bahrain Hamad ben granted Isa Al of the Caliph to each local family on 2700 dollars from personal stocks, has sent the son on negotiations with protesting and has founded the commission on investigation of incidents of excessive application of force by law enforcement bodies. In November the commission has published the report in which has confirmed regular use by the government of tortures and other forms of physical and psychological humiliation of arrested persons, and also has specified in other infringements of human rights. The commission also has rejected assumptions that protests have been inspired by Iran.

However reactions from the authorities has not followed. Any official has not lost the place, and here Shiits began to dismiss from state companies. Protests have begun again. Thus Bahrain is considered one of the most democratic states of Persian gulf where the Shiits making the majority of the population of the country, in difference, for example, from Saudi Arabia or Qatar, possess almost equal with sunnitami the rights. So why they leave on streets?

the Discontent developed of the diversified factors. For example, from - that 80 - 90 percent of the state posts get sunnitam to which the royal family belongs also. Shiits do not suppose for work in the majority of the state institutions making a basis of Bahrain economy. Sunnity use privileges at crediting and other economic preferences. Thus Bahrain - opposition arena between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Besides there the American Fifth fleet takes place. That is why for democracy which will inevitably lead to coming to power of Shiits, they struggle only. In total for a year of protests it is killed more than 80 active workers. Last, according to legal experts, has poisoned with tear gas before a stage of Gran - at the Formula - 1 which has passed in Sunday.

One of the most active fighters for a genuine democracy establishment in Bahrain - Abdulhadi al - Havadzha, the founder of the Bahrain centre for human rights. Carrying over of yesterday`s judicial session, probably, is directed against it as Havadzha holds 77 days dry hunger-strike in protest at the arrest. Doctors name its condition critical and the site of the remedial centre created by it has placed a photo of the active worker with the signature: Al - Havadzha on the deathbed . The successor of the legal expert has told About a situation in Bahrain, the president of the Bahrain centre for human rights of Nabil Radzhab.

- In what advantage sunnitov before Shiits in Bahrain?

Nabil Radzhab: I would not tell that at sunnitov much more the rights, than at Shiits. But Shiits marginalizovany. For example, they cannot live at least on 40 percent of territory of Bahrain not to mix up with sunnitami. Shiits cannot work in army, police or security services. Therefore among them high unemployment. Even to study children sunnitov and Shiits should at different schools. It is called discrimination to a religious sign. Thus Shiits - aboriginals of the country - make about 70 percent of the population of Bahrain. That is why they make the majority of the protesting.

- Shiits call for equality?

Radzhab: Is not present, the main requirement - democracy. Now all in hands of the king and his family, and is necessary, that the people completely selected parliament, and not just its lower chamber. Thus it is necessary to allocate parliament with real powers, instead of to use as a democratic screen. It should appoint the government. When it will occur, equality will come automatically. Such requirement support not only Shiits that for us it is very important.

- That is sunnity too join the protesting?

Radzhab: Workers sunnity support the protest, but priests and those who listens to them, on the government party. They continue to say that Shiits are not Moslems. Religious figures receive benefit from system. Naturally, they do not want anything to change.

- whether something Has changed after the king has gone on negotiations with the protesting?

Radzhab: Anything. Only conversations and promises. The situation has not improved for one person. Holding a meeting on - former kill and arrest.

- Why the protest became more active again directly ahead of a stage Formulas - 1 ?

Radzhab: the Protest did not stop, it proceeds a year. Simply Bahrain does not involve a close attention. Gulf States have powerful enough influence on the world. A management of the USA and Europe in good relations with governors of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia also do not want them to anger. Even Russia from which we hoped to get support, us ignores. At you the impression was made that the protest became more active again before the Formula From - that thanks to it to the country there have arrived many journalists, and they have started to shine again our actions.

- As you think, now you will manage to draw attention of the world community to the problems?

Radzhab: Unfortunately, protesting there is nothing to offer - we do not have oil, we do not buy the weapon unlike our government. They rich, at them are influence. But we hope that such independent countries as Russia, nevertheless will support struggle for democracy and will remind of us to the West which constantly speaks about democracy and human rights, and here protects a policy of double standards. This hypocrisy.


80 percent the state posts in Bahrain are occupied sunnitami. Shiits on them simply do not suppose.

the Inquiry

48 - summer Nabil Radzhab has begun public work during excitements in Bahrain in 90 - e years. On their results it has based one of the human rights organisations first in the country the Bahrain remedial society. Subsequently it has become famous for protection of the rights of migrants and prisoners. Since 2005 Radzhab with the wife repeatedly podvergalalis to beatings, arrests and various interdictions. Some times in the house of the legal expert showered pomegranates.