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Head Apple has scarified a hybrid from the laptop and a tablet

Tim Cook has acted with criticism to the devices representing a hybrid from the laptop and a tablet, and also universal operating systems for computers and mobile gadgets.

It is possible to unite even a toaster and the refrigerator, but the result will not be pleasant and useful to the user - general director Apple has underlined.

Manufacturers should take into consideration various requirements of users, and the compromise in the form of the hybrid device as a result will not satisfy anybody, head Apple considers.

Nevertheless, sales of laptops Apple decrease at the expense of growth of sales of tablet computers iPad, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

Apple has put on the market for January - March of current year of 11,8 million tablets iPad that for 151 percent more than for the similar period of last year. At the same time sales of personal computers Mac have grown only for 7 percent concerning last year - to 4 million.

Sales iPad Apple the beginnings about two years ago, since then the company realised an order of 67 million these devices.