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The Ministry of Internal Affairs has confirmed an order of certification of police officers

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has confirmed an order of certification of employees OVD, informs RIA Novosti news agency. The corresponding document is placed in bank of standard and administrative certificates.

Certification of police officers for the general rule is spent once in four years. The employee passes extraordinary certification in the cases established by the Law on service in OVD of Russia. Such test will pass in case of the decision of questions on transfer into a higher or subordinate post, about the service termination in connection with cancellation of the contract because of discrepancy of the employee of a replaced post (on the basis of the certifying commission recommendation). Preparation for certification carrying out is assigned to the direct head of the certified policeman and personnel division.

Besides, annually by December, 15th the staff department should develop the plan for certification of employees the next calendar year. The immediate superior, in turn, is responsible for response granting about workers. The certified employee not less than one working day prior to certification gets acquainted on receipt with a response, and also with date and a venue of session of a certifying commission.

Thus certification is spent, as a rule, in the presence of the certified employee, and recommendations about its nominee are accepted opposite by voting by show of hands for lack of the certified.

we Will notice that at equality of a poll the employee admits corresponding to a replaced post. The personnel division is obliged within three working days from the date of commission session to acquaint the policeman on receipt with its appraisal sheet. This paper goes subsequently to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia, its assistant, the chief of division of central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and heads of the employee.

we Will remind, the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been registered in Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on April, 20th, 2012.