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The State Duma has approved in the second reading the bill of elections of governors

Yesterday the State Duma has approved in the second reading the bill of elections of governors, has reduced number of necessary signatures for participation in parliamentary elections of parties, and also has left one uniform day of voting in Russia.

Since yesterday the State Duma began to live and work on - new. Each Duma fraction has received in the morning for the statement of the position any more five, and ten minutes. And an United Russia has allowed to act within the limits of released time from the Duma tribune at once to two deputies. The right to the ten-minute for performance on the questions carried to powers of the speaker, also Sergey Naryshkin now had. But yesterday it has not used it. Deputies have hardly discussed the summons and the decision project about additional plenary session on May, 8th, as it was necessary to hasten already to the buses expecting people`s choices at the main Duma entrance to go to the Kremlin, to Dmitry Medvedev, on the State Council.

Therefore the second reading of the bill of direct elections of heads of the Russian regions has been transferred to the end of very big summons of session. However, the Duma communists insisted on to considering it yesterday absolutely. To formal signs - Anatoly Lokot has specified and has explained: After the brought amendments the idea of election of the governor direct vote has turned to the contrast that is the concept is changed so to consider it in such kind in the second reading it is impossible. the Crude bill - has noticed the Elbow and has assumed, addressing to the chairman of Committee of the State Duma under the constitutional legislation and state building to Vladimir Pliginu: the made amendments, probably, strongly have knocked down you . The liberal - democrat Sergey Ivanov was not so categorical, however and he could not understand, why in the table, rozdannoj already directly in a hall, there were such amendments which on committee were not discussed. Ivanov was surprised offered in the bill of the second reading with norm which gives the chance to the governors who have received the post under the scheme operating today, in a year after the introduction into a post voluntary to retire and participate in early election of heads of regions under the new law. But only with the consent of the president of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Pligin did not begin to predict, how many operating governors, without waiting the terminations of a term of appointment, will want to check up itself elections to prove that have appeared at the head of region not casually that is why that have a unique rating in territory. However the head of committee has noticed that it there will be very good test . The consent of the president in this case, according to Pligina, is necessary to avoid abusings institute of early election. However, is in this respect on Ohotnij rjad and other theory - assume that the new norm will be necessary to selected president Vladimir Putin that it could release the governor`s case from casual people somewhat quicker.

However spravoross Valery Zubov in which biography was both a governorship to destination, and elective, has expressed doubt that the future law will not provoke doll elections of governors . A special sight at Zubova and on so-called The municipal filter which has appeared in the bill of the second reading. As he said, a problem with signatures munitsipalov dares easily two ways, or it is administrative, or by means of a financial resource .

the Leader of fraction an United Russia Andrey Vorobev explains: petition procedure will allow to get acquainted with the candidate, with its plans and the program. Raises both a level of responsibility, and a local government role because any candidate who will go on elections, will be obliged to get their support - the first vice-president of Committee of the State Duma on affairs of public associations and the religious organisations " is convinced; the United Russia party member Sergey Popov. He considers that no filter is present, and there is a design creating conditions that on elections there were the most professional people to whom trusts the population.

Arguments powerful enough that the bill of direct elections of governors has successfully passed the second reading, giving chance to be overcome for the main armchair of region to applicants at the age from 30 years, having only the Russian citizenship, not serving time for heavy and especially the grave crimes, got support from five to ten percent of deputies of municipal unions and (or) the elite on elections of heads of municipal unions of the subject. Thus candidates should be put forward political parties or dare to go at governor`s elections through self-promotion.

Communists and spravorossy have not supported the bill in the second reading, having disagreed with norm about the municipal filter. LDPR in voting did not participate.

In the third reading the bill can be accepted on Wednesday, on April, 25th. And in that case the first elections of governors will take place in October, 2012.

Also in the second reading the bill releasing political parties from petition on parliamentary elections of different level has been approved, having reduced for unparliamentary parties a necessary minimum of signatures on presidential elections to 100 thousand. Deputies have supported the LDPR initiative, having left in Russia unique uniform day of voting .