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Within the limits of the special program 539 invalids

this year within the limits of the program " will be employed; Accessible " environment; developed Minzdravsotsrazvitija of Russia, 539 persons will be employed. From the federal budget for it will spend 93,5 million roubles.

in the beginning of year department declared competition of programs on assistance in employment of invalids.

Demands have submitted 24 public organisations of invalids from different regions. Have won from them three - the Belgorod branch of the All-Russia society of invalids (VOI), the All-Russia society blind (VOS) and the Tyumen branch of the All-Russia society of deaf persons (VOG). The Ministry of Justice has registered the order minzdravsotsrazvitija about allocation to winners of grants.

Such competition the ministry spends already the second time and will do it annually - till 2015, a program completion date. Financing each next year will increase on 30 million roubles. And in total the program will manage to treasury in 628,5 million roubles. In total for five years for this money should be employed about two thousand persons.

Money is allocated for assistance to employment of invalids on a labour market, including on creation of special workplaces and on maintenance of their availability. Among conditions obligatory sofinansirovanie, the public organisation should spend for good business not only state money, but also own or involved of other sources.

with What workplaces winners of competition promise to provide invalids? As have told in minzdravsotsrazvitija, for example, the Belgorod branch VOI has planned employment of 60 invalids. 45 workplaces are planned to create on manufacture of the notions goods (silk-screen printing, an embroidery, the soldering a current of high frequency, design works, preparation of curves, minimisation of expenses of materials, modelling, technical documentation preparation). 15 workplaces - in the centre sotsiokulturnoj rehabilitations of invalids (the manager of the centre, heads of computer courses, drama school, studio of creative orientation, the musical worker, the manager of studio the Special fashion the technologist - the designer of outer clothing, the master - obuvshchik and so on). The average salary will make ten thousand roubles a month.

VOS plans to create 211 workplaces at manufacturing enterprises and in non-productive sphere on improvement of cultural service of invalids. 27 enterprises VOS will be involved in 21 region. The majority of them has experience of participation in the federal target program Social support of invalids on 2006 - 2010 have specified in minzdravsotsrazvitija.

the Tyumen society of deaf persons assumes to employ 268 invalids at the enterprises and the enterprises of the Tyumen region with an average salary of 6900 roubles in a month. Following the results of realisation of programs of the organisation - winners of competition are obliged to present in minzdravsotsrazvitija the report on the done work. In case of default of the confirmed plan it is necessary to return the allocated means.