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In the centre of Moscow will block off motor transport traffic

Since Thursday, on April, 26th, in Moscow will start to limit motor transport movement in connection with parade rehearsals on Red Square. On it informs a press - service of traffic police of Moscow.

So, with 18. 00 and before the termination of actions (roughly about midnight), on April, 26th and 30, and also on May, 3rd it will be impossible to pass on the Hodynsky field, Projected prodrivings 5506 and 5509, to the Leningrad prospectus, 1 - j Tver - to Jamsky, Tver streets. And also on a Manezhnaya Square, streets Moss, Ohotnij rjad, to Vasilevsky descent, the Moskvoretsk, Kremlin quays. Movement around the Borovitsky area, on Vozdvizhenka, New Arbate, Novinsky parkway, Garden - Kudrinsky and Big Garden streets, the Triumphal area, Kitaigorodsky journey, Ilinsky descent, Ilyinka, the Barbarian, Prechistensky quay will be closed. The Big Moskvoretsk and Ustinsky bridges, the Moskvoretsk street, Marsh quay and street, Podgorsky, Bernikovsky, Ustinsky quay and the journey with the same name, Kotelnichesky, Raushsky and Jauzsky quays will be blocked.

With 6. 00 to 13. 00 same streets and quays will be closed on May, 6th when there will pass parade dress rehearsal, and for the period of the parade on May, 9th.

the Car inspection will forgive drivers in advance to choose routes of a detour and strictly to fulfil requirements of employees of traffic police, and pedestrians not to climb under military technology wheels.