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In Kolomna will begin audio - excursions to electromobiles

Since April, 27th, 2012 in the Moscow state incorporated memorial estate Kolomna will begin audio - excursions to electromobiles.

By data a press - museum services, for the first time visitors can pass on unique and extensive territory of a complex, see history and culture monuments and simultaneously to hear fascinating audio - excursions. It is developed five routes, all of them lie in the most known and significant places Kolomna, moreover will help to connect together all marks of this well-known earth. So one of flights will connect a standing apart Palace of tsar Alexey Mihajlovicha with Konjushennym a court yard and Lime avenue. Other route will lie from Voznesensky and Djakovsky palace gardens to temples of times of Ivan the Terrible. For foreign tourists it is provided audio - the guide in English, German and French languages. Excursion to electromobiles lasts from twenty minutes to a half an hour.

Use of electromobiles carries also ecological character as preservation of the environment in memorial estate is one of priority directions. In total in Kolomna 8 electromobiles have arrived. Each car contains to 7 passengers.

the museum Address: Antropov`s Prospectus, d. 39; inquiries on bodies.: +7(499) 782 88 93