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evropro has deprived of the Polish inhabitants of the airport in Redzikovo

Session of council Russia - the NATO in Chicago in days of the summit of an alliance 20 - on May, 21st will not take place.

the Official representative of State department Victoria Nuland has confirmed this information after both in Russia, and in the USA have declared that this meeting is not meaningful, positions of two countries on some question, including on antimissile defence are not co-ordinated yet.

we Will remind that expansion of EvroPRO becomes a reality already today. According to some information, in Romania works on arrangement of base of the ABM which should be finished by 2015 have begun. The following step - placing in the Polish city of Redzikovo of mobile batteries with interceptor missiles Standard - 3 (SM - 3). Recently it became known that the command centre of the European segment of system of antimissile defence will take place on air base Ramshtajn in Germany. According to the European mass-media, it will start to operate right after the summit in Chicago. And the Polish base of EvroPRO should be ready in 2018. However the Polish question threatens the NATO with disagreements not only with the Russian authorities, but also with many local residents. According to results of one of polls of respondents of 62 percent in Poland consider that the ABM can threaten safety of the country, and only 29 percent will feel quiet in the neighbourhood with modern interceptor missiles of small and average range. However, as indemnification Poles have already received and have placed in small town Morong in 60 kilometres from border with Russia the battery of rockets Petriot .

But in Redzikovo of a problem is much ordinarier - the base should be created in territory of local military airdrome (360 hectares) on which townsmen pined certain hopes. After the Second World War the airport was used both for civil, and for military needs. In 1975 Redzikovo accepted two regular flights from Warsaw, after from here it was possible to fly in Vrotslav and Katovitsy, simultaneously in these parts was based 28 - j an aviation regiment. Civil flights became unprofitable in 90 - e years, in 1999 the aviaregiment has been disbanded, and the airport territory has passed under air base management in Malborke, and then in agency of property of the Ministry of Defence. But is not present - is not present yes arose at the Polish businessmen of idea how to revive aviatransportations in Redzikovo. In 2006 joint-stock company the Airport of Gdansk carried on negotiations for it with local authorities of Slupska. It was a question of cheap transportations, the airport name planned to change on Airport Slupsk Pomozhe . Territory wanted to decorate with the fighters which have remained from an aviaregiment. But the Ministry of Defence did not meet half-way local business. And in 2008 it became known that the small town and airdrome waits other fate. At first it inspired optimism, - the journalist of the local edition " has told; Glos Pomozha Peter Kavalek, - after all US authorities planned to construct here the big base (hearings about 500 American military men went). It could lead to creation of new workplaces, business development. But according to new arrangements from September of last year on base will place only mobile batteries, the military garrison will be small. It is necessary to tell that many still hope that the ABM will not be. This airport in Redzikovo is very necessary to a city. It is in an excellent technical condition, is suitable both for passenger, and for freight traffic. Besides, after military men there were big territories, an infrastructure. But this territory is surrounded by a fence, all is closed, nothing can be used. Recently there was such history: one businessman flied by the plane and for technical reasons it needed to sit down urgently. It has sat down in our airdrome and has got to police .

In Redzikovo for today is not present businessmen, natovtsev. Today that here there should be a base as though have forgotten. There are no performances either for, or against, there are no news. Messages from Russia about plans on placing " occasionally reach; Iskanderov in Kaliningrad. And all. I think that the protest campaign will begin simultaneously with building in 2015 - Peter Kavalek considers.