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Sarkozy and Olland have begun struggle for votes of Le of Foams

That only will not make to be pleasant to voters.

During a trip on department Endr and Loire, well-known for the vineyards, Nicolas Sarkozy not eager for alcohol, has gone down in a wine cellar and has taken a sip local white Vove than has caused approval of the present.

And before it has acted in a small place of Sen - Sir - sjur - Luar near to Round which became some kind of a campaign starting point before the second round of presidential election. This city, naturally, has been chosen not casually: here for the candidate - the president has voted for five percent of more citizens, than for Francois Ollanda`s socialist.

It having appeared to a circle of local active workers of the party in power sympathising it - the Union in support of national movement (SPND), Nicolas Sarkozy did not begin to be late on results of the first round, and has addressed directly to radical electorate. And first of all to electorate of the extremely right National front, and it as - in any way 18 percent of voters - record level for all 40 - summer history of existence NF.

- Some compatriots condemn those who has voted to radicals, - the candidate - the president has told. - I do not reproach it with them. Whatever choice has been made, they have on it a just cause.

Nicolas Sarkozy perfectly understands these people whom, having voted for nationalists, the anger and discontent with a situation in the country have expressed.

- We have heard these outcries, - has underlined Sarkozy. - and our valid answer to these people there will be concrete obligations.

However, the president did not begin to specify, which, and has stopped on problems which most of all disturb Frenchmen. And it as considers Sarkozy, measures on bridling of illegal immigration and criminality, effective control introduction on EU borders, safety issues, struggle against Islamic terrorism and a number of others.

the president and from caustic statements to opponent Francois Ollanda was not kept. As he said, the competitor represents those left which wanted to spend to the Elisejsky palace of mister Stross - Caen earlier and invite to the meetings of fugitives from taxes . the Fugitive he considers the former champion - the tennis player, and now the popular singer and the supporter of socialists of Jannika Noa: that accuse of non-payment of taxes in France.

the Socialist does not remain in a debt and with might and main criticises the contender. On meeting in the city of Lorien (department Morbian) in the west of France Oland named a result of board of Sarkozy catastrophic . Moreover, has accused the contender that that the policy promoted influence growth in the country of the extremely right . At the same time Francois Olland does not intend to refuse at all the electorate which has supported Marin Le Pen, and for it will struggle. It also, as well as Sarkozy, it is ready to hear these fellow citizens which do not know, from whom to wait for the help. The hunting season behind votes of National front is opened.