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In Madrid the second finalist of League of champions

Last night will be defined the first finalist of League of champions was defined. Game Barcelona - Chelsea has come to the end after number signing in the press. And today in Madrid will pass the second reciprocal semi-final, in which Real signs Munich Bavaria . The match will begin at 22:45 Moscow time.

the First game of these contenders has taken place in the same place where the main match of present League of champions - on " is planned also; to Arena Aljants in Munich. In the face of the fans Bavaria has overcome favourites from Madrid 2:1, and the victorious goal of Mario Gomes has hammered already in the ending of a meeting.

This ball can seriously affect an alignment of forces, after all now any drawn game will suit already Germans. And to Real it is necessary to hammer, and it is desirable - not once. In royal club is to whom it to be engaged. One only Krishtianu Ronaldu in this season has caused a stir 60 times: 54 balls for club and six - for Portuguese national team. With a mad indicator in 42 balls he heads the table bombardirov the championship of Spain, advancing on one goal of Lionelja Messi. Except the Portuguese, at Real there is one more excellent zavershitel attacks - the Brown Benzema, fine added in this season.

the Madrid superclub in general hammers much. This Saturday in a victorious match against Barcelonas almost guaranteeing creamy a champion title, Real has broken own record of quantity of balls in the championship of Spain, dated 1990. Players royal club gate of contenders of 109 times amazed. Very few people doubts, as Bavaria it will not be possible to keep the gate on the lock.

However the head coach madridtsev Jose Mourinho does not hasten to run into euphoria. Even a victory over Barcelona roughly to celebrate to the players it has not resolved. Strictly having reminded that while Real still has won nothing. Only after much persuasion defender Pepe and goalkeeper Adan have received from the trainer discharge to meet fans.

To the fans royal club in general now thinks much. Constantly underlining, what exactly the help of tribunes can become a determinative in game against Bavaria .

- Together we can achieve much. We are close to reaching the final Leagues of champions, and should use this chance. I hope that fans will support us. I expect a difficult match against a command which is well ready physically and possesses high potential in attack, - the captain " has declared to journalists; Real Iker Kasiljas.

Krishtianu Ronaldu in interview to an official site royal club Also has underlined the importance of the field.

- Fans play the major role. I hope, we will feel their support from the very beginning as soon as we leave in the field. It will be much easier to us to achieve the objective if we are uniform. In such matches you feel more confident, when you feel tremendous support. And then you play better usual, - the Portuguese has told. - we need to win to reach the final. And I am assured that Real will beat Bavaria after all with us there will be fans.

Mjunhentsy, in turn, perfectly understand what to defend the advantage extracted the house it it will be extremely difficult. For example, the chairman of the board Bavaria Charles - Hajnts Rummenigge has declared the following: Bavaria on Santiago Bernabeu the present hell expects. It will be improbably difficult to resist to Real . But I want to underline that we respect Real but we are not afraid of it .

At Bavaria there is a fine chance to become the first command which has played in the ending of League of champions at house stadium. It is especially important for mjunhentsev that in the championship of Germany they lose a second year struggle for a title Dortmund " successively; Borussia .

- In Madrid it is very important to us to use all potential. We should play on 100 or even 110 percent of the possibilities, - the head coach " has told on the eve of a trip to Spain; Bavaria Jupp Hajnkes. - We perfectly understand that for an exit it is necessary for us to hammer in one into the ending - two goals. But first of all we should operate reliably in defence.

Well and the author of a victorious ball in the first match of Mario Gomes was categorical and self-assured: Stadium Santiago Bernabeu does not inspire fear Bavaria .