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Greece has stopped payment of pensions from - for suspicions in swindle

Greece has stopped payments of pensions to 200 thousand persons from - for suspicions in swindle, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

After censuses addressees of pensions and the grants, spent to Greece for the first time for many years, it was found out that about 200 thousand persons in 11 - to the million country gave the incorrect information to receive social payments from the state. In some cases relatives throughout many years received pension for the died old men. Others gave false documents on reception of grants on loss of sight and other kinds of physical inability.

the Ministry of Labour and social insurance of Greece has estimated budgetary losses as a result of swindle in 700 - 750 million euro a year. In total socially - the insurance system of Greece spends about 3 billion euro a month, from them 1,5 billion euro go on payments of pensions and grants. Besides the termination of payments, the country authorities intend to demand also back in a judicial order illegally received pensions and grants.

we Will notice that the sizes of pensions in Greece were reduced last two years approximately to 30 percent from - for the general reduction of expenses of which is demanded by creditors of the country from EU and IMF.