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The State Duma has approved the bill of elections of governors

the State Duma at session today has approved in the third reading the bill of elections of governors. On it informs RIA Novosti news agency.

According to the initiative, the higher official of the subject of the Russian Federation is selected citizens on the basis of general equal and a direct suffrage at ballot. Candidates on a post of governors are put forward by political parties, and also as self-promotion. Thus parties are not obliged to put forward only the members, they can choose and the non-party.

In governors citizens of Russia can stand is more senior 30 years.

Wishing to be registered by the candidate should support from 5 percents to 10 percents of deputies of municipal meetings, the exact figure will be registered in the law of the subject of the Russian Federation. Local members of parliament can vote, to be exact, to put notarially certified signature, only for one candidate. It is supposed that thus to elections the people well owning a problematics of the region will be admitted. Subscription lists will be published in the Internet.

For referendum carrying out on a response of the governor it is necessary not less than 25 % of signatures of voters. And that the governor has been withdrawn, it is required more than 50 % of the votes registered in region.

the Law in case of approval in the Federation Council and signings by the president will come into force on June, 1st, 2012.

to carry out complex reform of the Russian political system Dmitry Medvedev has declared the desire in the message to Federal meeting on December, 22nd.

then the president has noticed that about necessity of change of political system also the chairman of the government of Russia Vladimir Putin earlier has acted.

I offer complex reform of our political system - Medvedev has told, disclosing the message to parliament. I consider necessary the following: to pass to elections of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation direct vote of inhabitants of regions, to enter the simplified procedure for registration of parties - under the demand from 500 persons representing not less of 50 % of regions of the country - the president has declared.

As he said, it is necessary to reduce quantity of signatures of the voters, necessary for participation in presidential elections of the Russian Federation, to 300 thousand, and for candidates from unparliamentary parties - to 100 thousand. Besides, I suggest to change an election system in the State Duma, I consider expedient for strengthening of relations of deputies with voters to enter proportional representation on 225 districts - Medvedev has told.