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the Dynamo has won at Avant-guard a final series plej - off KHL

the New champion of Continental hockey league became Moscow the Dynamo . In the seventh match of a final series of the Cup of Gagarin it is white - blue in Omsk have beaten Avant-guard 1:0. The unique washer which has become gold in the third period has thrown Jakub Klepish.

To a solving meeting of a series pressure has reached peak that has turned back not the most entertainment match. If in two previous meetings dinamovtsam it was possible to open quickly the account, and commands will - bondage had to reveal, now in Omsk game has initially gone the careful. That, however, it was easily explainable - too the error price in a match where on a game there is a title is high.

In the first period the Dynamo hardly perebrosalo Avant-guard - 11:7. And as a whole attacks of visitors hardly were more dangerous. After a break looked already " more actively; hawks - 9:4 on throws. Here only they did not reach the purpose, in many respects diligence of goalkeepers of Ramo and Eremenko. Thus commands tried to give each other as less as possible possibilities to hammer, and even rules practically did not break. For two periods of the judge only wrote out to players two-minute penalties three times, and on a board to the beginning of the third period all same zero burnt.

the First real chance to open the account dinamovtsy have received on 45 - j to minute, when after removals of Perezhogina and Gusev Avant-guard remained three together for a minute and 17 seconds. And though justice of punishment did not cause the doubts, fans dissatisfied with refereeing have begun to throw a trifle and other improvised subjects on ice. Through pair minutes of passion have ceased also a match has proceeded. But it is white - blue possibility have not used, once again having shown - game in the majority is not strength present the Dynamo . In it plej - off Muscovites realised advantage of all twice from three tens attempts.

But in equal structures visitors looked more confidently. And on 53 - j to minute nevertheless have opened the account. Nobody covered on pjatachke Jakub Klepish in near fight from the second attempt has thrown a washer through Ramo - 1:0. About defensive hockey in such situation to Avant-guard it was necessary to forget. But removal excess of number of players on ice has brought down attacking impulse hawks .

For a minute with small to a final siren steering omichej Rajmo Summanen has thrown last trump, having replaced Ramo with the sixth field player. Last seconds owners have spent actually having hung on collars of Eremenko, but it is vain. a dynamo conceding on a course of a final series 1:3, wins a series and for the first time in history wins Gagarin`s Cup.