Rus News Journal

The share market of the Russian Federation has moderately grown up in expectation of performance of head FRS the USA

Ekaterina Kondrashova, an analyst of Investment cafe

By the end of the auctions a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 0,31 % to 1461 points, and RTS index has risen on 0,47 % and has made 1583 points.

After correction in the Russian market in the middle of the auctions on April, 25th which has been caused by the negative data under gross national product of Great Britain for 1 - j quarter (the indicator has decreased on 0,2 % kv/ kv while growth on 0,1 %), " was predicted; bulls have made an attempt to intercept the initiative at bears .

However purchases had reserved character in view of expectation of statements from head FRS the USA Ben Bernanke during which performance, probably, it becomes clear further monetary - the credit policy of Fedrezerva.

Besides, during the day support to domestic platforms was rendered also by words of the head of European Central Bank Mario of the Drag which has declared that the regulator is ready to continue to use all necessary tools for stimulation of economy of the European countries.
also head ETSB has noticed considerable successes of the government of Spain in the permission of economic problems that is important in the circumstances. Drags has specified that the problem with liquidity in the European region has been solved, therefore in 1 - m quarter credit conditions have been a little softened.

At 16:30 the data under orders for the goods of long using in the USA for March Moscow time has been published. They left worse than expectations and were reduced to 4,2 % (m/) while reduction by 1,5 % was predicted. However the macrodata has not rendered considerable influence on quotations of the majority of the Russian actions. As a result of competition between buyers and sellers has proceeded.

From corporate events in the domestic market I will note the financial results which have left today of Polymetal and bank VTB for 2011. The bank reporting on MSFO has appeared enough strong.

On the one hand, the net profit gain was expected in connection with restoration of the Russian bank system. On the other hand, purchase of Bank of Moscow, and also consolidation of Transkreditbanka have positively affected the general financial results of group. The net profit of the credit organisation following the results of 2011 has made record 90,5 mlrd rbl., having shown growth on 65,1 % in comparison with 2010. Percentage incomes have increased by 26,1 % (to 416,7 mlrd rbl.), percentage expenses have grown on 19 % (to 189,7 mlrd rbl.) . As a result pure percentage incomes became above on 32,7 % and have made 227 mlrd rbl. the Target price on a paper - 0,08575 rbl., growth potential in long-term prospect - 33,4 %, the recommendation - to buy .

In leaders of growth in the Russian market of a paper of a Mechel (+3,42 %), KAMAZa (+3,13 %), Aeroflot (+2,84 %) and Sollersa (+2,41 %).