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Sergey Borisov: to Small-scale business it is necessary the Road map - 2020

Today we spend V Congress of the All-Russian public organisation of small and average business the SUPPORT of Russia . Perhaps, the place and an organisation role in new conditions when small-scale business from an open classroom becomes one of state policy priorities when the Russian economy is on the threshold of the global changes marking transition from a raw orientation to innovative development will be the main theme of the agenda today. And the small-scale business role in this process cannot and even be underestimated criminally.

Despite considerable successes which to us managed to be reached in small-scale business sphere for these years, to us is where to aspire. On the agenda there are tax laws questions, in particular unified social tax reforms. For small-scale business and the property question is not solved. There is actual a problem of joining to municipal resources, and it, of course, all list. But the main thing - that today measures of state support MSP are aimed at the decision of concrete tactical problems. You, of course, can ask: unless it is bad? Not badly. But also not enough. There is a problem which was put by the president, - to increase number occupied in MSP to 60 % by 2020. But how it to solve?

We still have started to say one year ago that the is necessary to small-scale business the Road map - 2020 with step-by-step algorithm of implementation of concrete measures. And in this time our sight at, whether such program Russian MSP is necessary, has not changed. Moreover, the information that in 2010 such the Road map has been created in Kazakhstan which as regards development MSP has come off us far, has once again confirmed timeliness of the initiative.

Now business behind the government. We can, on the means to generate strategy and long-term plans for development MSP as much as necessary, and we will be engaged in it, but while such the Road map it will not be added to the arsenal by the state, our projects the fate " will wait; prozhektov which and have not been realised in practice. In our general interests - business, the power and societies, - that such do not happen.

Small-scale business, in spite of the fact that it small can make for the country more than most big . It proves world experience. It is proved also by actions of heads of the most developed countries of the world which on a crisis pique have counted on small business. Therefore and mood at us today not only celebratory. To have a rest not time. We will work.