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The head of Moscow City Court Olga Egorov has declared unprecedented pressure of a crime upon judges

Today the chairman of Moscow City Court has acted with a startler: the criminal world began to put unprecedented pressure upon judges, moreover, threatened even personally to it. Therefore judges should allocate additional protection.

“ I work in judicial system practically 40 years. Never such was: 13 judges have addressed for the protection, one have killed. I did not think that the trade of the judge can be such dangerous “ - has declared today on a press - conferences in Moscow Olga Egorov. - in my address for the first time in life threats " have arrived;.

As reports ITAR - TASS, the head of Moscow City Court has noticed that judges asking about protection consider different cases - about a drug trafficking, robberies, thefts, there are also criminal cases about grave crimes. Protect people in cloaks the special federal program about which working out for a long time speaks judicial community can. Not so long ago the correspondent met the general director of Judicial department at the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Alexander Gusev. That has resulted the disturbing statistics: for three years it has been killed nine federal judges, and it is opened only two crimes: murder of the judge of Dobrjansky district court of the Perm edge of Olga Kuznetsovoj and judge Ulug - Hemsky district court of Republic Tyva Niny Mongush. Last was killed by the former son-in-law, and directly in a court building - it escaped from it, it struck blows by a knife and has killed already on a porch. So big efforts in investigation of this business from pravoohranitelej it was not required. On the rests to seven premeditated murders of judges guilty are not found. Some of affairs are suspended. And for time which has passed after interview, there was one more - the tenth murder under the account. In Kabardino - Balkarii have shot the federal judge on a threshold of its house. As practice, in such cases, so far as concerns the obvious order, and behind shots shows, apparently, there are serious people, law enforcement bodies, as a rule, appear not at height. Otherwise than to explain it is so much “ wood-grouses “   concerning judges?

Everything, according to Judicial department, for three years concerning judges of courts of law and world judges 296 illegal acts, including nine murders, 43 robbery and a robbery, 176 thefts, 27 arsons and 41 encroachment on life and health have been made. According to Alexander Gusev, the management of the Supreme court has directed the reference to heads of law enforcement bodies with the request to take measures to disclosing of crimes concerning judges. Alexander Gusev has not excluded that for maintenance of a personal security of judges, the separate program of protection, for which working out is necessary it is necessary to involve experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, FSSP and FSO. This idea has supported today and Olga Egorov. As she said, the, the better and more safely such program will be faster developed for judicial system.

Today the system of protection of judges in capital when in their address threats arrive, assumes or a call personally to the head of Moscow City Court, or the reference to the chairman of district court. “ and I involve either employees of internal affairs, or FSB. React instantly “ - Olga Egorov has noted. The further organisation of protection depends on what sort of threat what affairs arrive also the concrete judge considers. Security guards can and be on duty at home at the judge, and see off him before work. Certainly, the state has all possibilities to protect the concrete person in a cloak. However the fact that judges almost in a mass order should allocate bodyguards - a disturbing symptom.

Other news sounded today by the head of Moscow City Court, sounds more optimistically: the number has increased in Moscow justificatory sentences. As Olga Egorov has informed, in 2009 in district courts of capital the number of verdicts of “not guilty“ has made 4 percent. “ and after all there was a zero of percent " earlier; - she has told. In Moscow City Court percent of verdicts of “not guilty“ much more - 20 percent, but here have tried not so much professional judges, how many jurymen. They traditionally make allowance to obvinjamym is more often. Or - justice, it looking how to judge. For first half of 2010 the number of verdicts of “not guilty“ in district courts has made 2,1 percent from total of affairs. As a whole on the country some years it is on the average taken out less percent of verdicts of “not guilty“ successively. However, Olga Egorov has especially underlined that it is impossible to estimate to estimate a work of the courts by quantity accusatory or verdicts of “not guilty“. In its opinion, it is necessary to take other indicators: number of the cancelled sentences. If the cassation and supervising instance does not have claims to a sentence, means, the court has worked well. The logic of representatives of judicial community is that.

Nevertheless, growth of number of verdicts of “not guilty“ in itself is pleasant. How lawyers - professionals, at simple people the logic argued: too suspiciously it turns out that at charge and protection game turns out as though in one collar. After all process should be sostjazatelnym. All parties are equal in it. Really our inspectors and state accusers are more professional than lawyers? And, not simply concrete inspectors and concrete lawyers, and all law-enforcement system it turns out in times more professionally professional defenders. How still to concern rare ticks in the column of justifications? Approximately so the legal experts for a long time conducting discussions round small number of justifications argue also. But time percent has gone upwards, maybe, and lawyers will have chances?

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For the first half of the year of this year in courts has arrived almost 6,5 thousand affairs about bringing to account of the drivers who have sat down for a wheel in an alcohol intoxication, about 5 thousand from them have been considered with adjudgment. “ however 1,5 thousand all of us - taki have returned “ - Olga Egorov has underlined. From almost 27 thousand the drivers involved for departure on a counter strip, 14 thousand have been deprived the rights, and affairs in the relation of the others have been stopped. “ if the police officer extorts from you money, do not give, come to court all - we will understand “ - has told the chairman of Moscow City Court. She has noticed that now courts with militia work on - new, the mutual criticism goes on advantage. As she said, direct pressure upon judges in Moscow is not present, “ call to the one who allows to do it if once to tell “ is not present “ more any more will not call “. Thus she has declared that corruption does not depend on level of salaries, and the salary at judges decent, from 100 to 150 thousand roubles.