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The newspaper the Moscow news again will start talking on - russki and the Newspaper " will return to the reader in the beginning of 2011

; the Moscow news again will start talking on - russki and will return to the reader in the beginning of next year.

RIA Novosti news agency and the publishing house Time begin the joint project on a newspaper rebrending Time of news and to release on its platform of the daily newspaper the Moscow news . We will remind that now MN leaves in English and Arabian languages, and for the Russian reader this edition remains only memoirs on years of reorganisation, when the Moscow news collected on a Pushkin Square almost the Novgorod veche.

the Peak of popularity of the newspaper based still in 1930 as the edition, focused on foreign experts, has had for reorganisation years. Egor Jakovlev who has headed the newspaper in 1986, has managed to make really tool of the fourth power of the edition. Perhaps, during the period gorbachevskih reforms in the country were not more authoritative and influential edition. However with disintegration of the USSR the Moscow news began to lose readers gradually.

After leaving from a post of editor-in-chief Victor Loshaka the newspaper changed owners and editors-in-chief more often, than any other edition. After Loshaka in an armchair of the editor-in-chief TV reporter Evgenie Kiselyov who has cardinally replaced edition structure has sat down, having dismissed after a number of conflicts of several key journalists. Vitaly Tretjakov who has not for long worked in this post became last editor-in-chief MN: the newspaper has ceased to leave in January, 2008 under the decision of its last owner, businessman Arcady Gajdamaka. Trade marks the Moscow news And The Moscow News have been sold RIA Novosti news agency which has continued release only the English-speaking edition. The Arabian version later began to leave.

According to representatives of RIA Novosti news agency and the publishing house Time the newspaper Time of news which leaves since March, 2000, will be enclosed in the new project by editorial actives, and the agency will give a media infrastructure.

We are convinced that on the basis of the newspaper Time of news and RIA Novosti news agency the advanced newspaper which will use all variety of formats and platforms for manufacture and delivery of a content to the reader will be created. Association under one roof of possibilities on gathering of the information which are at agency, and channels of distribution which will be at the Moscow news will give a huge synergy for all participants of the project - quotes words of the head of Svetlana Mironjuk of RIA Novosti news agency. with The Moscow news not only for me, but also many journalists the most important and interesting period in life of the Russian press is connected hardly probable not. To revive this brand already in other market and on other, daily basis - a serious call - the editor-in-chief of the newspaper " has told; Time of news and the future editor-in-chief the Moscow news Vladimir Gurevich.

the Renaissance the Moscow news experts of the market almost unanimously name not commercial, but exclusively political project and connect with coming nearer elections. Will make however this project successful uneasy, as to the Moscow news it is necessary to win practically from zero the audience.