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Beautiful autonumbers can be got at auction

car Registration becomes less hlopotnym employment. The new car will put on the account directly in a motor show. At will of the owner of a car will register in any region if to it it is convenient. And to get beautiful numbers, it is necessary to bargain at auction.

Such innovations are provided by the new law on registration of vehicles. Since new year to strike the car off the register and automobile owners under the law will put on it. It is not necessary to be surprised to this formulation - now this procedure is registered in the governmental order. As have explained to the correspondent in Department of safety of traffic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the future law on transport registration will open new possibilities for automobile owners.

Under plans since January, first the law on police in which it is accurately registered will come into force that registration of vehicles is carried out as it should be which is established by the law. And such law while is not present. Means, by new year it should appear and already come into force. Such law is already developed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and passes the coordination in other departments. What the new offer us, motorists, authors of the project?

we Will begin with the brightest part of this document. The law assumes possibility of sale of registration signs at open auctions. For anybody not a secret that some outstanding numbers, for example with identical letters or figures, or where number figures repeat region number, use the raised demand at some automobile owners.

It some kind of a superfluous way to show on road that you the uneasy person that at you is the right, communications or means to receive criminal licence plate. The original distinction on road. What right it to have - it is not important. Though to carry such number. It is considered that inspectors concern with the big piety to to the selected works to a combination of figures and letters and once again will not stop. It is no secret that many representatives of the power go by cars with correct numbers. Instead of having imperious possibilities to affect traffic police to receive beautiful a sign, decent enough sums are ready to pay for it. And after all pay. It in the West various sheikhs in a pursuit for outstanding a registration sign fight at the state auctions by the million sums which then arrive in the budget. And at us pay to intermediaries who are familiar with someone from a management of registration division which have a possibility to organise reception of chosen number. And this money goes at all to the budget, and in absolutely other pocket.

With passion of Russians to Beautiful to numbers tried even to struggle. In one of regions with such signs registered garbage trucks. Thought that it will beat off desire to hang up similar number on BMW or Lexus . But not here - that was. Even the garbage loop has not beaten off at the aspiration people to be allocated on road. And here now it decided to use experience of the foreign states in this delicate question. That is officially to resolve sale of such numbers at open auctions.

Rules of carrying out of the similar auctions will be established by the government. While it is not clear, which numbers will be exposed on the auctions. Remains opened and a question that at new rules officials will do. After all for anybody not a secret that now it is sonorous enough to reserve behind itself the pleasant number, and is free. And at carrying out of the open auctions the telephone right will disappear by itself.

Also it is not clear, who will appoint the initial price of such prize and what order of this price will be.

Getting the new car, the happy automobile owner can receive numbers directly in a motor show. Now many salons render such service for an additional payment. That is the buyer makes out on this organisation the power of attorney on registration that most not to be wound on GAI. And the organisation puts the car on the account on behalf of the owner. Now motor shows will have a legitimate right to participate in registration of the car and, probably, to give out corresponding documents.

One more pleasant news: the car can be put and struck off the register in any division of traffic police irrespective of a place of registration of the proprietor. It is clear that such pleasant innovation will not earn right after law signing to the public. After all to begin with it is necessary to create a uniform database of the registered cars. Or, as it name in traffic police, federal information system. That as soon as the car having got registered where - nibud in Vladivostok, the information on it there and then appeared and in Krasnodar.

On use of this system at the State traffic inspectorate the big plans. For example, they suggest to open partially access to it and usual citizens through the Internet. Thus, the motorists buying a second-hand car privately, will have a possibility independently to check up it. Has hammered in number of the car or its WINES and has received the information, whether it is registered in stealing, whether is burdened with what by others of trouble, whether it is utilised, whether its documents are searched. Up to, whether it disappeared from a place of accident or a crime.

the Law also provides possibility to keep number behind the car at change of the proprietor if the car remains on the account in the same region. Certainly, at a mutual consent both, that is the former and present owner. It, by the way, will allow to save enough considerable quantity of numbers. After all, as it is known, their resource limited enough, and a gain of a motor car park at us in the country very essential.

However, for struggle against deficiency of numbers the State traffic inspectorate is going to enter one more worth-while experiment - to restore numbers of the utilised cars. But not for those cars which are written off on a dump, and for new, waiting for registration. This innovation can painfully be reflected in some irresponsible citizens selling the cars by proxy. After all to restore the car from ashes it will not turn out any more. Now often enough people who have sold a car by proxy, face that the new proprietor does not strike the car off the register. Then to get rid of this burden, the former owner addresses in GAI with the request to strike the car off the register for recycling. In this case both numbers, and documents are put on the wanted list. Certainly, there and then there is a new owner and begs to restore the car. Again addresses in GAI, again the statement with the request to restore the car in connection with again opened circumstances - and all are happy. And so such way becomes impossible. As they say, has died, so has died.