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Barack Obama will discuss with the people of a consequence of an economic crisis

On Monday in the program of a broadcasting company of Si - en - bi - si US president Barack Obama has acted in a format dialogue with the people having answered questions of the compatriots. Representatives of different levels of population as successful businessmen, and those who has lost work, as for example, 30 - the summer lawyer who cannot will get a job have been invited to transfer and to pay percent on the student`s loans.

the analysis of consequences of the global economic crisis which has struck on citizens of the USA became the Main theme of performance of head of the White house. Barack Obama recognised that crisis became the heaviest for the United States since Great depression, having surpassed in the consequences economic recessions of last decades 20 - go centuries.

Thus the present head of the White house has not failed to notice that crisis has burst at George Bush - younger, having noticed that when it became the head of the United States in the country every month lost work 600 - 700 thousand Americans. Recognising that citizens of the USA cannot find till now work, observe depreciation of the habitation and daily hardly make ends meet, Obama has underlined that America gradually leaves crisis. I know, how people are now upset, I know that some of them have simply despaired. But I am assured that if we will continue to adhere to that course to which we follow, and we will work and help each other America will come to prosperity " much; - Obama has told.
at the same time, the president recognised that the American economy is restored after crisis by too slow rates. Thus he has noticed that it is not incited not so against Uoll - strit and the big business, as that .

In the beginning of November in America there will pass intermediate congressional elections and Obama should concern political problems. if I made decisions, proceeding from preparation for November would not make which - what things as knew that they are unpopular - the US president has noted.

At the same time he recognised that that has faced in realisation of the program considerable political difficulties and resistance of republicans. However, to develop the political arguments head of the White house did not become.

In reply to a question on that, whether the American dream " has died; Obama has categorically answered is not present . At all our problems in the world there is no country which would not like to exchange with us in places... All my life is the proof of a reality of the American dream. Everything that I did since became the president is a preservation of guarantees that this dream will be embodied and for the future generations. Today before us there are problems, but we continue to think of the future generations while set of people think simply of new elections - head of the White house has declared.