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South Ossetia has noted Independence Day

Yesterday on a central square in Tshinvale was not to force the way. People, the combat material and is a lot of VIP - visitors. From Russia on the celebrations devoted to twentieth anniversary of independence of South Ossetia, with working visit there has arrived the speaker of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov.

it is equal at o`clock in the afternoon celebratory meeting and military parade before a government building has begun. After execution of a republican hymn over Tshinvalom has burst Russian Russia - sacred our power... . And after from a megaphone has begun to sound: Glory to the Russian soldier - to the liberator .

all jugoosetinsky the holiday has been filled by words of gratitude of Russia, as it is clear, after all if not resoluteness of the Kremlin two years ago the South Ossetia independence could not live till today. About it told almost all acting, and the sensation in that was not. It is remarkable that has not sounded any negative word to the Georgian people. Another matter - the relation to the Georgian power. Sergey Mironov it is critical has expressed to Michael Saakashvili, naming its policy criminal. The speaker of the Federation Council has congratulated the people of South Ossetia on the twentieth anniversary of declaration of independence and after parade has visited the Russian military base 58 - j armies where has communicated to military men.

it was interesting to observe of the visitors, which profits in Tshinval. In the street Stalin before the government house on a tribune there were together representative delegations from Dnestr region, Abkhazia, Nagornogo Karabaha, Ingushetia, Dagestan and even the island state Nauru. This small island in Pacific ocean recognised independence of South Ossetia after Venezuela and Nicaragua, but till yesterday of any citizen of Nauru in South Ossetia never was. And here now here there have on a visit arrived at once two representatives naurskogo the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As one of them, Ben Van der Sand has told, only in air they had to spend 25 hours. From the house they have arrived at first to the Australian Brisbane, then to Singapore. Therefrom - to Moscow, and then - to Nalchik. On a question, what for Nauru to recognise independence of South Ossetia, the diplomat has answered that their countries in something are similar. On tiny island only one city and 18 thousand inhabitants of the population, and from the industry - only extraction of phosphates.

By the way, on celebratings in Tshinval profits and representatives of the states which have not recognised officially republic. So, from Belarus there has arrived the representative of the Belarus Cossacks. Cossack Vladimir Gromyko has told to the correspondent that before a trip it caused in the Belarus KGB and were interested in the trip purpose, but to repair obstacles did not become. By the way, one of the first foreign biznesov the Belarus has come to South Ossetia. For example, people on floors of the house of the government in Tshinvale for quite some time now are carried by brand new Mogilyov lifts.

There are also other successes in economic activities. The republic now actively builds up. The Russian gas and heat arrive directly. On suburb Tshinvala has grown beautiful Moscow as it here name, quarter. Now, by a recognition of a management of South Ossetia, on turn a construction of roads. Restoration of the asphalted lines should connect the remote areas of republic. Russia will help with it. The president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev met not so long ago Edward Kokojty in Sochi. And before for last four months the republic was visited by the commissions from Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance, Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation and the head of Security Council Nikolay Patrushev which were interested including in that, the allocated means how much effectively here are spent.