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Has presented in Paris an exhibition of works of the Russian photographer

Within the limits of Cross year of Russia and France has presented in the French capital an exhibition of works of the Russian photographer of Lyudmila Zinchenko Moscow - Paris: approach .

the Exposition has opened in the Russian centre of a science and culture. In the way of photographing which uses Zinchenko, inventors of a photo Frenchmen of Neps and Dagerr made in the beginning of the XIX-th century. It is a question of the great-grandfather of all modern cameras - the chamber - obskure. It really the antiquarian device more similar to a wooden box with a dot aperture instead of an objective, possesses very long endurance. At the expense of it all fast-moving bodies and subjects simply have not time to be fixed on a film that allows the artist to cut all fleeting and vain, leaving only the most important - an artistic image.

the Criterion of skill of the photographer here is how much even the most ordinary plots are capable to surprise the tempted spectator, amazing with the emotionality and expressiveness. In 34 photos which were seen by the Parisian public, well-known city landscapes and architectural sights of two capitals are embodied. Though the author also declares that did not try to draw deliberately analogy between Moscow and Paris, in its works this communication is traced, as all photos in its exhibition are coupled - to each Moscow picture it is picked up Parisian pobratim .

- In unexpected emotional pair landscapes incompatible, apparently, can unite, - Lyudmila Zinchenko explains. - For example, the Parisian garden of Tjuilri and the Place of execution in Moscow or a museum of Orse on quay Seny and Red Square.