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In Perm the court on the case of a fire in night club " has begun; the Lame horse

Yesterday in Leninsk district court of Perm consideration of the criminal case raised after a fire in night club " has begun; the Lame horse in which result 156 persons were lost.

On a dock eight persons as whom the consequence considers guilty of a fire have sat down. One more accused on this business - Konstantin Mryhin detained on August, 31st in Barcelona after the announcement in the international search, now waits extraditions in the Spanish prison.

At the first session two questions - about appointment of date of proceeding and about preventive punishment definition accused were considered. Process passed in the big hall of the former palace of culture of the Perm telephone factory - the premise has been filled more than half. Here except eight accused lawyers from both parties, physicians, court enforcement officers have gathered more than 50 victims. In a hall corner on two tables 139 volumes of criminal case in dark blue covers have been in two ranks combined.

the Five accused, in custody, have placed for glass on a bench for defendants. From above a cage mounted from double-glazed windows, it is blocked by a metal lattice. Three more - one of organizers of fiery show Sergey Derbenyov, the inspector gospozhnadzora Natalia Prokopyev and the chief executive Svetlana Efremova - have taken place near to the lawyers.

Session has begun with the petition of the state charge. Public prosecutor Vadim Kazarinov has asked to prolong the arrested person holding in custody for six months.

- I sit ten months in a pre-trial detention centre, - Vladimir Muhutdinov, the former main state inspector Gospozhnadzora on the Perm edge has reacted. - any treatment did not receive, I ask to change a preventive punishment to a subscription about nevyezde or monetary pledge.

Its lawyer Michael Postanogov has explained that client Muhutdinov has transferred ischemic illness of a head - a stroke and, besides, suffers the raised arterial pressure.

- Nobody reacts and to my chronic diseases, - Anatoly Zak, one of founders of club " has declared; the Lame horse . Is can lead to a lethal outcome.

At these words of halls has rustled. Judge Dmitry Vyatkin has been compelled to calm people.

Zak`s Defender has informed court that, in his opinion, there is no reason for prolongation of arrest of its client.

Let sits! - someone from a hall has cried out. The defender has declared that Zak does not disappear and did not prevent to collect to a consequence the proof. In a hall have again rustled.

From among arrested persons Oleg Fetkulov, art - the director " did not ask to change a preventive punishment only; the Lame horse at which in a fire the wife was lost. Fire inspector Dmitry Rosljakov and pirotehnik Igor Der benev the offer of the public prosecutor also objected.

After remarks accused the word was received by victims - or victims on a fire, or lost near relations. The majority agreed with the petition of the public prosecutor, but some demanded to arrest all.

- Efremovu should be planted! - relatives of victims insisted. - all accused under guards!

Lyudmila Mihajlova has lost in the Lame horse the unique son.

- We would like, that charge was strong, - she has told. - same, as lawyers. At us after this tragedy does not remain children, grandsons, us to protect there is nobody. I ask state accusers to be attentive. The preventive punishment the arrested person should not be changed. Here lawyers spoke about careless actions. What careless actions? 156 persons were lost! When in Russia such was? The request of mother and other mothers to the public prosecutor and court - to be the answer stvennymi before god and by itself.

the Hall has reacted to its performance by an applause which were stopped by the judge, having reminded everything that here there is a judicial session.

After that Dmitry Vyatkin has started to read aloud to the documents characterising the accused. It has announced and conclusions of the physicians examining arrested persons. Then the judge, without taking out any decision, declared a break till 10 mornings on September, 21st. Continues to watch process.

the Inquiry

To a criminal liability on criminal case about a fire in night club the Lame horse eight persons are involved: souchreditel cafe the Lame horse Anatoly Zak, the chief executive Svetlana Efremova, art - director Oleg Fetkulov. It brings accusation in the commission of crime, provided ch. 3 items 238 criminal codes of Russian Federation (rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements of safety of life or health of consumers, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons). To Igor and Sergey Derbenyov accusation in infringement of rules of use of explosive, inflammable substances and pyrotechnic products (item 218 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) is brought to organizers of pyrotechnic show. The former main state inspector of the Perm edge on fire supervision Vladimir Muhutdinov is accused of abusing powers of office - item 285 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (2 episodes), inspectors of Gospozhnadzora on the Perm edge Dmitry Rosljakov and Natalia Prokopyev - in a negligence (ch. 3 items 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). Criminal case concerning the ninth suspect - one of co-owners of club of Konstantin Mryhina - is allocated in separate manufacture.

As a result of a fire 156 persons on December, 5th, 2009 were lost, 64 persons have suffered. In total on the criminal case which investigation has already come to the end, victims are recognised more than 400 persons. In fund of the help Russians - citizens and the organisations - have listed to victims more than 22 million roubles. By the estimation, each of the victims who have addressed in the Perm regional fund of social support of the population, it will be paid to 90 thousand roubles.

Konstantin Baharev