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The Ministry of Internal Affairs warns: the shaft of the crimes disguised under " has gone; corruption in epaulets

the Unusual gang of swindlers and extortioners was detained by employees of department of own safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It operated openly, ostensibly for and on behalf of police officers.

Gangsters were engaged in barefaced blackmail - extorted from businessmen millions roubles, threatening to file criminal charges. For solidity one of gangsters gave out itself for the son of the high rank - from among heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Extortioners were convincing: showed militian certificates, changed clothes in the present form, showed cut-aways of generals. However so powerful nakat has not worked on the next victim of extortioners - the businessman has addressed for the help in security service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

- At first field investigators have suspected that deal with werewolves in epaulets, - the head has told to the correspondent a press - services DSB Andrey Moskovkin. - When gangsters have detained, it was found out that to militia they have no relation. Corruption in epaulets was played by professional swindlers. A certain Evgenie Fish supervised over them. And for safety it was in Tanzania and instructions podelnikam sent on the Internet.

Fish was married to the citizen of Tanzania and some time lived in this country. Therefore the operative scheme has been developed to entice it to Russia. Have detected Fisha in the act in Moscow, in cafe on the Volgograd prospectus when it received a compensation at the businessman for the termination of criminal case of which was not and in pomine. At a search at it have found 62 thousand euro.

In Fisha have found out also the inquiry on clearing: it left recently the conclusion. It was possible to detain and other pseudo-militiamen. Under article for swindle in especially large size to them threatens till 10 years behind a lattice.

the dangerous tendency Recently was outlined - even more often the crime masks under pravoohranitelej. The number of the mercenary violent crimes made by false militiamen, only for the first half of the year has grown seven times. To citizens, even such tempted as owners of large business concerns, it is difficult to understand that menacing militian visit - a criminal performance. People in epaulets appear at their office in broad daylight, operate very energetically and confidently, use professional terminology, show false certificates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, name surnames of the high-ranking heads of the ministry. So the criminal world now dexterously uses the negative loop accompanying militia recently.

Danger of such criminal theatre with disguise has arisen not only for businessmen. For example, in Moscow suburbs the gang from three false militiamen who came into the many-storeyed house is neutralised and rang round apartments. They said to owners that spend spot-check and it is necessary for them to check up documents. When the door opened, gangsters snatched on people, beat, took away money and values. Only for one night victims of a gang of a steel of 10 persons.

In Great Novgorod field investigators have detained three swindlers. At night those called to townspeople, were represented by police officers and informed that their relative is detained for fulfilment of a criminal offence and money is necessary for its clearing. The compensation sum fluctuated from 20 to 40 thousand roubles. Disturbed by destiny of relatives novgorodtsy, especially people of advanced age, resignedly gave the repayment. Worked a public opinion stereotype - people did not doubt bribability of militiamen and did not try to check up at all, whether and truth all that it unknown persons spoke on the phone.

Even more the gang of pseudo-militiamen in St.-Petersburg on a substantial scale operated. Operated under one scheme. At first looked for apartment, then were openly declared, represented by inspectors of militia, employees of private security. Having come into apartments, studied, how many the person here lives, whether rich conditions, whether there are valuable things. After rekognostsirovki rushed into apartments, threatened owners with the weapon and abducted all the most expensive. Among stolen there was even an icon Kazan Bozhija Mater its estimated cost - 4 million roubles. For 12 armed assaults and room robberies the court has sent pseudo-militiamen for a lattice for terms from 6 till 18 years in a high security colony.

the Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs asks all citizens who have got to doubtful situations with participation ostensibly of police officers, immediately to inform about it in divisions of own safety which contact phones can be learnt in any call centre of the Department of Internal Affairs, on an official site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or in the Internet - a department blog.