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The American investors do not hasten to participate in to the second wave of privatisation in Russia

Large American investors while carefully concern plans of the Russian government on privatisation of the large domestic companies in 2011 - 2013. As experts in business - community in Washington consider, a number of deterrents negatively affect moods of potential large investors from the USA to take part in purchase of actives of the leading Russian companies.

we Will remind that the government intends to start privatisation of some the enterprises supervised by the state till the end of this year. The plans prepared by Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia, assume sale within forthcoming three years of share holdings in ten large domestic companies, including Rosneft Transneft the Savings Bank, VTB, Rosselhozbank, RusGidro Sovkomflot and other enterprises. The definitive list of the privatised companies promises to generate the government in the near future.

At the same time analysts do not doubt that sale of shares in the large and effective companies will involve not only domestic, but also foreign investment companies and investment banks. It is known, for example, that active interest to carrying out the second wave of privatisation players from China show.

In the meantime behind ocean - in the USA - a special agiotage in connection with prospect of favourable investments in the leading Russian companies it is not appreciable yet.

In conversation with our correspondent the president American - the Russian business council (Ards) Edward Verona has confirmed that heightened interest to privatisation planned in Russia from strategic investors from the USA really it is not marked.

According to Verona, limiting interest of serious American investors as factors rather small shares serve in the Russian companies exposed on sale. As the former diplomat and eks - vitse president ExxonMobil Russia, the American investors considers, at realisation of large investments in foreign actives, first of all are interested in a transparency of objects of the investments. transparentnost the companies, possibility of real participation in their management through board of directors and realisation of long-term investment strategy, and also control over distribution of dividends become the basic arguments at decision-making by large investors from the USA about participation in privatisation processes in Russia, the expert considers.

- The bolshy the share holding will be offered for purchase, the it will be more favourable a active to the potential investor, - the president Ards is convinced.

Rather small shares in the companies exposed on sale, and preservation in hands of the state of a supervising package of 50 percent + 1 action really essentially reduce interest of potential strategic investors, - Edward Verona has told to our correspondent. On the other hand, the interlocutor RBG has explained that foreign portfelnye investors who specialise in emerging markets, probably, will show activity concerning those companies which answer the western standards transparentnosti before the shareholders.

According to the president Ards into which enters about 230 American and Russian companies, by date of IPO the Russian government, possibly, will address for consultations to the American financial analysts and experts who, in turn, can estimate real cost of offered actives and to warm up interest of investment companies of the USA to a so-called second wave of privatisation coming in Russia.

According to estimations of the Russian government, at the expense of privatisation of state companies in 2011 - 2013 it is planned to gain an order of 900 billion roubles which will go on a covering of deficiency of the federal budget. Other result during the last years programs of privatisation of ten the largest companies and banks appreciable decrease in a role of the state in the Russian economy becomes biggest.

By the way

Recently plans of scale privatisation declared the government of Great Britain which has informed that on sale state blocks of shares in a number of the large companies will be exposed.