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To Vladimir Putin have shown, than will feed the Russian schoolboys

In the native city prime minister Vladimir Putin has realised new philosophy of a food which as it was found out, simultaneously approaches both for prisons, and for army, and for children.

In vicinities of St.-Petersburg, apparently, has begun to smell fried in a literal sense. So it is possible to characterise start of the factory first in Russia on manufacture of the ready food corresponding to the world standards. The project has managed the companies the Concorde - the Culinary line in 40 million euro also has been created to let out daily 100 thousand food allowances. Constructed with application of English technologies (British as hired managers) the enterprise nevertheless unanimously both officials, and local businessmen is considered a good sample of the domestic food-processing industry. However, the credit for factory building nevertheless has given veb - about 4 billion roubles for 15 years.

Uniqueness in factory though take away, general director Evgenie Prigozhin who, by the way, managed to open on 12 - m a floor of the White house the private restaurant first in the history of this building confirms. And still any innovatsionnosti to the enterprise adds division into three zones: green where the raw materials are delivered, yellow, whence production goes to a city, and, at last, the red. In last dinners, here again high sanitary risk are directly made. For this reason workers cannot enter or leave a red zone till the end of change, God forbid, not to bring any infection. Anyway, for the sake of the big visitor it has been decided to neglect rules to show to the head of the government food industrial complex from within. And on Putin`s second floor already waited in a dining room. The smells of the childhood which has filled a premise, obviously, should cause pleasant memoirs on school, however it was necessary to look, for example, at mashed potatoes or meatballs from beef, appetite disappeared as quickly, as well as appeared. we give the chance to parents to be convinced that at schools of children feed qualitatively and is high-grade - Prigozhin told in the meantime. Among other things, the company which, obviously, children will remember yet time, has deprived of their unique earnings: henceforth on the money dined by parents on, it will be impossible to save. Differently, children begin to pay on a clearing settlement by means of a plastic card on which parents will throw money, - to remove them therefrom is impossible. Dinner cost on the average will make 54 roubles.

In completion of all school dining rooms will equip with food automatic machines for teachers and employees of schools where will be on sale kola, chips and other - to them children also cannot be risen, as by officials is decided that the similar meal is injurious to children`s health. These devices do not react to inquiries of plastic cards of schoolboys. Such an ambush for children businessman Boris Belotserkovsky who was engaged before in release of slot machines has prepared. though in business useful was engaged - Putin has smiled, having learnt about destiny of the businessman. The prime minister, by the way, has taken an interest, whether parents are happy with innovations.

- Well, they at first did not perceive finished goods, were indignant, how it it is possible to store dinners of 15 days. But have then calmed down, - it is silent, almost to Putin the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdjukov in a whisper told.

And the main health officer of the country Gennady Onishchenko and at all seemed happy with new philosophy of a food. As he, now has explained 80 percent of schools raw, that is dinners there become on a place, but thanks to this enterprise it will be possible more cheaply and more qualitatively to feed prisons, army to feed and children . Prigozhin has promised to open similar industrial complexes in Podolsk, Krasnodar territory and near Tambov. In its opinion, it not only will solve a problem of introduction of good baby food, but also will create trade channels for agricultural products of farmers and even will affect realisation of the doctrine of food safety of the country.


Vladimir Putin on Monday has visited a vessel Soliter which stacks pipes of an under construction gas pipeline Northern stream in gulf of Finland. welcome to the biggest ship - truboukladchik in the world - has greeted the prime minister the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdjukov. A vessel Soliter has begun work in gulf of Finland on September, 1st. It spends truboukladku from a mark of 7,5 kilometres to a mark of 300 kilometres. I with pleasure have examined, as work is organised at you. This project causes many disputes, they go till now, but we do with you very correct and necessary work, - Putin has told. - and all colleagues work in the schedule. In 2011 we should submit the first gas to our European consumers .

In turn one of participants of a meeting, the vice-president of the project and operation of Leo Dik Farkefisser has noticed that knows about plans of Russia, in particular, about pipeline building the Southern stream . We are in a finishing stage of preparation the Southern stream and there work uneasy, there is much deeper - Putin has told in the answer.