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Kalmyk United Russia party members will support Alexey Orlova`s nominee on a post of the head of republic

About it the speaker of National hural RK, the head of fraction " has declared; an United Russia in local parliament Anatoly Kozachko.

- I could work together with Alexey Orlovym - it was my first deputy when I headed the republican government from the end 2003 - go for 2007. I can tell that it is a worthy nominee on a republic post of the head. - Anatoly Kozachko has noted. - Alexey Maratovich supervised realisation of the basic republican programs, and well knows a situation in region. Yes, last years he spent a lot of time in Moscow, but he participated in our sessions and had the full information on an event in Kalmykia. It is very important that the new head can provide continuity of a course of the present head of republic Kirsana Iljumzhinova. For this reason fraction an United Russia Which has in our parliament the majority (20 people`s choices from 27-), intend to support Alexey Orlova. About it already there are consultations of deputies.

According to Anatoly Kazachko, Alexey Orlovu on a post of the head of republic besides current problems it is necessary to prosecute very densely two especially actual subjects for Kalmykia. One of them - the further development of branch of agrarian and industrial complex with a stress on processing of agricultural production which is made by local landowners. And another, not less important, - maintenance of steppe republic with water.

- In two these directions at us not the first year branch programs are realised, but completely to remove problems yet it was not possible, - ascertained Kozachko.