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postpred Kalmykias at the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev can head republic

has submitted for consideration the National hural (parliament) of Kalmykia Alexey Orlova`s nominee for investment with its powers of the head of republic.

session Date on which deputies should discuss the most important for today for republic a question, is not defined yet. As the chief has explained is information - analytical department of the National hural Oleg Severtsev, on the established procedure, the parliament has 10 days from the moment of official entering of a nominee.

- Most likely, it will be an emergency meeting of the National hural, for which deputies will gather specially to consider Alexey Orlova`s nominee for investment with its powers of the head of republic, - Severtsev has specified.

we Will remind that in the total list of applicants for a post new the helmsman Kalmykias, presented by United Russia party members to Dmitry Medvedev, initially appeared four surnames. A competition to two local officials -   to the vice-president of government RK Alexey Orlovu and the speaker of the National hural of republic Anatoly Kozachko -   the assistant to the head of administration of the Volgograd region, the chairman of committee budgetary - the financial policy and exchequer Alexander Dorzhdeev and a deputy head of federal service on financial markets Bembja Hulhachiev - both ethnic Kalmyks made.

At all four, according to the experts, were about equal odds to hold a treasured post so entering of a nominee of Orlova into Kalmyk parliament the big sensation did not become.

- For local political elite is, certainly, good variant. I would not began to name Orlova high-grade successor Kirsana Ilyumzhinov on a republic post of the head, but that it the person close to it and will continue its course - undoubtedly, - political scientist Yury Girenko considers.

About the future head of steppe republic (and that Eagles will be confirmed on this post, practically nobody doubts) much is known yet. On a nationality it the Kalmyk, was born on October, 9th, 1961, in 1984 has ended MGIMO the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. Being the first deputy of the chairman of the government of Kalmykia, it   held a post of constant representative RK at the president of the Russian Federation. In spite of the fact that Alexey Orlov spent the most part of working hours in Moscow, of republic assure that problems of region are familiar to it also a considerable quantity of time for being up on, it is not required to the new head.

it is necessary to tell that Orlovu will manage not the most easy inheritance. Socially - an economic situation in republic any more the first year leaves much to be desired. In particular, as testify given minregiona the Russian Federation for the first half of the year 2010,   Kalmykia closes the five of regions of the country with the highest rate of unemployment.