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Evkurov: the Condemned man in Vladikavkaz could use in dark

the President of Ingushetia Junus - Bek Evkurov &nbs p; in Tshinvale has come out to journalists with the assumption that the explosive which has worked in the car Volga in Vladikavkaz on September, 9th, could be put in action distantsionno:

- it is yet known, he wanted to make the same explosion in Vladikavkaz or it distantsionno have blown up... The consequence will understand - Evkurov has told.

the Similar assumption is stated also by some sources in law enforcement bodies. In their opinion that the suicide bomber has driven off from the market when protection has not passed it on territory,   it is not quite characteristic for similar actions - the shahid could blow up, without driving off from a barrier, could try to break on the car on market territory -   victims in both cases would be much more.

it is possible, the condemned man has ceased to want to die, has driven off, and here to it have helped . One more version - the driver " Also expresses; Volga in general could not know that is in a luggage carrier, probably, it have asked   to take certain illegal the goods on territory of the market and there to leave. When at it it has not turned out, and he has decided to leave, the car distantsionno have blown up. In favour of this version says that the condemned man was very quiet when communicated with the security guard of the market and not especially was upset, when that has not started up it on territory - probably, just because on heavens did not gather at all.

What were true actions and motives of the condemned man and whether there was it in general that - the consequence understands. As the plenipotentiary in SKFO Alexander Hloponin recently has declared, the consequence has seriously promoted in investigation of act of terrorism in Vladikavkaz, the persons involved in fulfilment of act of terrorism, are established.

Junus - Bek Evkurov, communicating with journalists, also has especially underlined that in Vladikavkaz certain forces try to use terrible act of terrorism today as an occasion to kindling international break a set. And it is tragic, because international conflicts can cause much more victims.

we Will remind, the suicide bomber on the car Volga in the morning on September, 9th has put in action at an input on the central market of Vladikavkaz a bomb capacity 30 - 40 kgs in a trotyl equivalent. As a result of 19 persons were lost, even more 200 have suffered.