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In the Nizhniy Novgorod region two corporate programs of recycling of old cars

In the Nizhniy Novgorod region are started at once two corporate programs of recycling of old cars are started at once.

the Firm programs of autorecycling realised by local car factory, allow to receive a discount to those automobile owners who do not fall under action of the state. In them, for example, there are no restrictions on pattern of ownership - both programs operate both for physical, and for legal bodies. Besides, there are no restrictions on age of the car.

Within the limits of the corporate project Cars the discount at a rate of 70 thousand roubles is given to buyers of a sedan of class D let out in Nizhni Novgorod. Restrictions on mark, year of release, term of possession and weight of the handed over car are absent. The discount can be summarised at a discount on a recycling government program (50 thousand roubles). And here addition at a discount under the regional program is not provided. The participant of the program can be both the proprietor of the car, and the person owning it under the general power of attorney.

Conditions of participation in the program Easy commercial cars have differences. The handed over car should concern this group, that is have full weight from 2,5 to 6 tons. Term of possession by car - not less than three months according to the vehicle passport. The handed over car should be completed by the basic knots and number units. The discount sum varies: than 70 thousand roubles - on cars of 2003 of release and is younger, 50 thousand roubles - on the cars made till 2002 inclusive. The program operates at purchase not only utility trucks and vans, but also spetsavtotehniki on the Nizhniy Novgorod chassis.

Performance of all necessary formalities under the given programs occupies two days. If updating of the commercial car which at the dealer available is not present it leaves the order which should be executed within three weeks is necessary to the buyer. Period of validity of both programs - till December, 31st of this year.