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In Lipetsk the self-adjustable organisation in housing and communal services sphere

In noncommercial partnership (NP) " is created; Association of the organisations on management and real estate service have entered 24 of 34 management companies of Lipetsk and on one of Dankova and the Dirt.

It NP has been registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, has received status SRO and was a part of National association of the self-adjustable organisations operating real estate.

Lipetsk officials consider that creation of new structure will enhance the responsibility management companies for activity carried out by them. As practice has shown, among house managers - private traders there are rather unfair profits aimed first of all on reception, instead of on quality of given services. SRO which will give out the admission to business dealing, it urged to make natural selection and to result in this sphere the responsible and reliable companies.

Besides, in branch there is one more vital issue. Earlier all utilities were regulated STATE VOLUME. In the document it has been accurately registered, what works and with what periodicity should make in high-rise buildings. Now destiny of houses - at the disposal of proprietors of habitation who should solve the vital issues at general meetings. But for various reasons in many houses of it does not occur. And process of formation of associations of proprietors of habitation goes not so quickly. As a result - in Lipetsk not a rarity the proceeding roofs, not cleaned entrances, ragged walls. Besides, the proprietors of apartments acting as customers of services, frequently do not know how to check work of the domoupravov how to make answerable careless kommunalshchikov.

As have explained in the mayoralty, the come into force Housing code of the Russian Federation has defined only elementary standard - legal base of reforming of system of housing and communal services. It did not contain concrete requirements to regulation of activity of management companies. The federal law 315 has entered concept self-regulation also has fixed its main principles. Functions which were carried out earlier by the state, are ready to incur now SRO. Now uniform standards and work rules behind which observance there will be a constant control are developed, the indemnification fund is formed.

  - We support creation of system of the branch quality standards for the operating organisations. Branch crisis today just that management companies set, and each of them offers the criteria, - is told by the head of department on operation zhilfonda department of housing and communal services of administration of Lipetsk Victor Komissarov who simultaneously is also the chairman of supervisory board SRO NP Association of the organisations on management and real estate service .

the Minimum payment for the future participants of the self-adjustable organisation - 10 thousand roubles. But, according to Victor Komissarova, the question on sum increase as from this reserve in case of poor executed works SRO begins to compensate expenses for correction of errors in the near future will be brought up.

Within the limits of self-regulation the disciplinary commission to which a number " is assigned is created; retaliatory functions. In the beginning the management unfair UK will be reprimanded, then - the penalty. In case of a large fault or numerous complaints and censures from tenants the management company will be excluded from numbers SRO.

By the way

the Introduction into the self-adjustable organisation - business voluntary. Management companies on - former can be in free swimming and to work independently.