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The educational sphere of the Voronezh region will get solid budgetary support

Educational sphere of the Voronezh region will get solid budgetary support in frameworks of the regional target program on 2011 - 2015.

It is supposed that its realisation will provide creation of a complex of conditions for effective progress of educational system. At the first stage, in 2011 - 2012, actions will concern several areas, then experience will extend to the majority of municipalities. Results will estimate on satisfaction of citizens quality of formation and to a dale of the educational institutions corresponding to modern norms.

measures are registered In the program on support of talented children and social adaptation of children with the limited possibilities, to formation of the integrated regional system of an estimation of quality of training, introduction of new methods of certification of pedagogical shots, and also equipment of boarding schools and maintenance with habitation of children - orphans, in particular.

- reconstruction of 11 educational institutions and building of 13 objects Is planned. Should be completely liquidated 43 shabby and emergency buildings of educational institutions, - the head of department of formation, a science and the youth policy of region Oleg Mosolov has informed.

Expenses on erection of new schools builders are compelled will put in cost of apartments

Schools in districts to build under modern projects - with sports halls, pools and good material resources. Medical offices in educational institutions will equip with the necessary equipment, computer science classes - computers. The authorities intend to correct lacks and of catering services of schoolboys in which regularly specify supervising bodies. And free milk which is received by younger pupils, begin to give to drink to children up to the ninth class. Besides, by 2015 all average educational institutions of area plan to bring into accord to requirements of fire-prevention and antiterrorist safety.

the project on the organisation of remote training of children - invalids Will proceed. According to department of formation of area, past educational year this system was tested by 29 Voronezh children. Now it is planned to increase their quantity to hundred persons. In 2010 - 2011 educational year in Voronezh should begin experiment on inkljuzivnomu to formation of children with the limited possibilities of health on the basis of usual educational institutions.

Rough volume of financing of the program - about seven billions roubles: 70 percent of means will be given by area, 22 - municipalities. 370 million officials hope to receive from the federal budget. Certain investments be required and from sponsors - that, on - visible, will concern in a greater degree city educational institutions.

it is necessary to notice that during realisation of the previous five years` program (its budget made hardly more than billion) the means allocated for the maintenance of establishments of formation, allowed to support at the best them in working order, and expenses on modernisation frequently were not planned. Meanwhile efforts on optimisation of expenses for education quite often led to scandals - for example, with closing unpromising rural schools or payment of incomplete salaries. But the further optimisation is inevitable - in Minobrnauki the Russian Federations believe that the share of inefficient expenses for education in region while is essential.