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The prices for the most popular models Lada Priora and Lada Kalina have considerably decreased

After introduction of the new recommended prices the Autovase and on the threshold of global change of a price policy of car factory in dealer salons of Tolyatti of the price for some models have sharply changed. One have fallen in price on 19 thousand roubles, and others have risen in price on 15 thousand roubles.

By data Autoinquiries the prices for the most popular models Lada Priora and   were considerably reduced; Lada Kalina. So, in family Priora steels hatchbacks are more accessible and versatile persons - they have lost in cost from 11 to 19 thousand roubles. Experts explain sharp   falling of the price by that dealers have lowered the prices to the level recommended by factory. Price lists Lada Kalina   a hatchback and the versatile person have gone down in price on 1 - 11 thousand roubles depending on salon.

And here classics Lada Samara and Priora - compartments, on the contrary, have risen in price. VAZ - 21134, for example, has grown in the price for 13 thousand roubles. Analysts connect cost increase on the thirteenth banal deficiency of the given model in motor shows of Tolyatti. On 6 thousand roubles the price on " has grown; the five so popular in buyers within the limits of realisation of the program of recycling. Priora a compartment has sharply risen in price on 15 thousand roubles. Experts explain price jump, besides updating of the prices in connection with the recommended cost of factory, deficiency of model in salons.

we Will remind, at the new price policy the Autovase at dealers of factory now is not present other variant, except how to sell cars at the recommended cost of factory. A price level on the average for 2 percent above that operated till the autumn,   but below actual retail - on what now dealers realised cars. Performance of this requirement of factory guarantees subsequently to dealers bonuses. Since October, 1st of Autovases enters a variable bonus component of a margin of the dealer - for stimulation of work of sellers. The margin will depend on performance by dealers of some conditions and achievement of indicators of sales volume by them, performance of standards, maintenance of demand of consumers.

- the Initiative the Autovase - in a channel of a policy of transition to the western style of business dealing, - makes comments the director of agency avtostat Sergey Tselikov. - but at the same time, introduction of this program will be interfaced to certain difficulties - recycling will end sooner or later, and inevitability of struggle for the client becomes before dealers to the utmost . Then should become the variable margin claimed system - already checked up and fulfilled by the western companies which always worked in the conditions of a high competition.


GM - Autovases since Tuesday has passed to a two-shift operating mode in connection with increase of demand for Chevrolet Niva off-road cars. With transition to work in two changes the enterprise will gradually increase daily volume of output to 196 cars (on 98 cars in change). According to GM - Autovases, for eight months 2010 20744 cars have descended from the joint venture conveyor.