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Michael Duglas: Let the following generation admires Jack, instead of Gordon Gekko

On screens there is a sequel of the well-known film of Olivera Stone Uoll - strit .

This film of 1987 instantly became cult. In it have happily incorporated a theme (America was in a heat of exposures of frauds with poor bonds), the person of the director (Stone was on career peak, just having received Oscar for a film the Platoon ) and Michael Duglasa`s brilliant game (the role financial mogula Gordon Gekko has crowned Oscar and the Gold globe ) . Later 23 years have changed much. The exchange history has burst immeasurably bolshej in accident. Oliver Stone though remains in the Hollywood elite, any more is not the master of thoughts, having impaired a little the image friendship with Hugo Chavez. Michael Duglas became for a long time already one of the Hollywood pillars, and is now lined by a dreadful disease: suddenly opened cancer of a throat. Nevertheless a sequel - attempt to enter the second time in the same river - already on screens: before us Uoll - strit: money does not sleep . Gordon Gekko after eight-year otsidki leaves on will where nobody waits for it, and there begins the acquaintance on the first picture krutezh money.

I have met Oliverom Stone and Michael Duglasom in nju - jorkskoj to hotel Ritz Carlton.

:   Oliver, your first film grasped the cold and ruthlessness. The second - is much softer.

Oliver Stone:   And how differently? I became more senior, more softly, all sees any more in is black - white scale. Certainly, creators of present crisis deserve ice tone, they have made destitute millions people, and it would be possible to shoot unconditionally rigid picture. But... The more close I got acquainted with them (and I, believe, has got acquainted with ten financial feudal lords, including Donald Trampa), the was more convinced that they - are unfortunate. They do not have in life anything, except money. That is, understand, money not as means for reception of pleasure from life, and money simply as money. Here to you an example: I met the founder of company ImClone Sam Vaksalom. He the outstanding scientist, has created a medicine for some versions of a cancer, was the real candidate on Nobel, - and what? It was tempted with insider trading and, in a result, villages for five years.

Michael Duglas:   And still this feeling of all-devouring envy! I have five hundred millions, and here at it, nearby, six hundred, and endure it I cannot! At me in Hemptone (prestigious country area near New York. - M. O) The house - thirty thousand square foots, and at it - fifty! All - lives are not present! I in the first film had a remark which became extremely popular: Greed it is good! but that greed was detsadovskoj in comparison with this.

Stone:   Here therefore also it wanted to me to throw though any berthing rope to Gordon Gekko. A high-grade family to it already, of course, not to create: the son has committed suicide, the daughter in the film beginning discharges the father as it is possible further from the life, but in the end - all - taki appears unsteady hope that she will forgive. If only all these madmen could look back and understand that the country keeps not only on money, but also on families, on feelings, - I would consider the problem executed.

RG:   Again coming back to the first film, should tell that there the actor`s success with Michael by right was divided by young Charlie Shin and young Deril Hanna. Now roles of young heroes are executed by Shajja LaBaf and promising Kerri Malligan.

Douglas:   Give - ka I will tell from the point of view of the partner. In the first tape the young pair played all - taki a more office role, and protagonistom pictures there was Gordon Gekko. The present film keeps at image of Jack performed by Shaji LaBafa, my role here not that that office, but... On a step behind. And this boy with a role, I consider, have consulted excellent. It has brought in a film so much energy and charm that all of us have tested a sheer pleasure from teamwork. And Kerri Malligan who has remarkably played just in a film do not throw me has introduced in our picture warmly and sincerity.

Stone:   In general, this new generation of actors as - that grows together with images much more strongly. SHajja, having learnt that, it, can be (only - can be!) Will invite to Jack`s role, seriously was engaged in exchange trading. Has obtained the licence of the broker. Took own twenty thousand dollars and began to twist them. Not bad, by the way, has earned.

RG:   More than at you in a film?

Stone:   (Smiling.) I will not tell.

Douglas:   the Phenomenon of the first film was that Gekko to spectators - was pleasant. I, remember, met students - financiers, and they in eager rivalry admired my hero. I it: He has broken the law, he is a criminal! and they to me: But it the class guy, clever. The cold, beautiful, present financier! The real man! I so understand, what exactly these children, having grown, began to operate a hedge - funds, to think out all these financial schemes which have led to crash. No, let the following generation admires Jack, instead of Gordon Gekko.

RG:   Michael, our readers, as well as all your admirers, have been depressed, having learnt that at you - the throat cancer in the fourth stage which, speak, was missed by doctors. How you now feel?

Douglas:   Thanks for interest. Yes, really, at me now not palatable period of life. My optimism helps, however: doctors promise to suspend process, and I persistently trust them. Now just I pass in parallel himio - and radiotheraphy, and I transfer, by the way, marvellously not hard, that is I feel pretty well and very much I hope for a favorable outcome.

RG:   Having learnt that the sequel " acts in film; Uoll - strita many involuntarily screwed up the face: present crisis, appear, demanded the interpreters, at all those who explained crisis last.

Stone:   I filmed not about crisis, and about human essence, and it - is invariable.

RG:   I not about that. The aversion anticipating a film as - that has imperceptibly passed in expectation advancing event. Now the new bubble before our eyes inflates. We see, how under strange, to put it mildly, projects vbuhivajutsja billions dollars. As from anything there are companies on manufacture of energy from doubtful sources. And so, questions already wander: whether Stone will remove Uoll - strit - 3 ?

Stone:   At me a break between the first and the second Uoll - stritami - 23 years. Know, how many to me will be in 23 years? (Laughs.) and seriously speaking, bad this business: to think. Much should develop, that the film has turned out. The scenario of it was altered three times, since 2008 while it became digestible. Perhaps where - that now lies the new... The problem so arrests attention that is not excluded... No, I will not think.