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The head of the North Korea has executed the father duty

about what experts repeatedly spoke Has come true. In Northern Korea process of delegation of power from the father to the son has begun. The newly made general, the third son of the leader of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea Kim Chzhon Yn which till now were in a shade and not appearing on general public, has been selected in the Central committee of Labour party of Korea (TPK). It also was a part of the central military committee TPK in quality vitse - the chairman while his father has headed again this structure.

will pass what is the time obkatka the successor in authorities of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea it is not known. Much will depend on Kim Jong II`s state of health. It is considered that in case of its leaving from life to help young Kim Chzhon Yn the sister of the present head of the North Korea, her husband and one of close friends of a family will operate the country.

Following the results of partkonferentsii which has passed for the first time for last 44 years in Pyongyang, supervising structures of Labour party of Korea, and also presidium of the Political bureau of Central Committee TPK have been selected. The Secretary general of party re-elects Kim Jong II.