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In Moscow suburbs malefactors have attacked collectors: it is stolen seven millions roubles

On Tuesday in village Zaharovo of Istrinsky area of three unknown persons by BMW car blocked the car the GAZELLE at the wheel which there was a driver of the company the Crocus of Internejshnl .

  As have informed in law enforcement bodies of Moscow Region, threatening with a pistol to the driver and were in salon to the cashier of the company and the security guard, criminals have taken away 7 million the roubles intended for payment of the salary. Search of robbers while has not given results.

it not the first attack on collectors in Russia lately. In the beginning of June two Voronezh collectors became victims of criminals. It has been stolen about 1,5 million roubles.

on June, 27th the impudent robbery has been made in Moscow. Then on the Third transport ring around Shmitovsky journey the collector car in which it was transported more than 137,5 million roubles has been found out. Criminals have killed three carriers of money. In total they have stolen more than 130 million roubles. The remained money - about 6 million roubles - is returned the owner. During the investigation of this business six suspects are established: he/she is the employee patrol - sentry duty of the Department of Internal Affairs on VAO Moscow Alexander Borisov, collectors of firm Inkahran Sergey Levkin and Maxim Podgornyh, and also the unemployed Alexander Mihajlov, Alexander Strekalov and Sergey Vorotov.

but the largest during the last years there was a robbery of collectors in Perm on June, 25th, 2009. By transportation money in the car of the Savings Bank collector Alexander Shurman has forced the driver to curtail into wood, has selected phones at colleagues, has locked them in branch for transportation of money, and itself has transferred bags with money in waiting it the Zhiguli Also has disappeared. In total it has been stolen 250 million roubles. The Perm court has sentenced Shurmana to 8 years of a colony of a high security.