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Since 2014 tenants of emergency houses will solve the municipal problems

Till the end of action of programs state sofinansirovanija major repairs and moving of emergency habitation of a condition of residing can improve in total about 17 million persons.

the general director of Fund of assistance has informed On it yesterday to reforming of housing and communal services Konstantin Tsitsin. As of September, 27th on these purposes in subjects it is directed 248,6 billion roubles. And here since 2014 the basic loading on capital repairs financing, seemingly, will lay down on shoulders of citizens.

we Will remind that in the end of 2007 under the decision of the government of the Russian Federation for programs of capital repairs from the federal budget it has been allocated 240 billion roubles. This year it is in addition allocated 15 billion. 25 billion more - the income of placing it is temporary fund spare cash half from which is already directed to regions.

it was originally supposed that the Fund of assistance to housing and communal services reforming will finish the existence on January, 1st, 2012. But, as Konstantin Tsitsin has told, there is a basic decision to prolong his life for a year Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 or on two. But officially it while is not fixed anywhere. So, probably, by January, 2014 of means of fund anyway does not remain if, of course, not to continue its feed. But it is improbable. The basic idea which is now studied for the further maintenance of available housing, - creation of regional funds by an example all-Russian. According to Konstantin Tsitsina, already in 9 regions such funds have started to be created. That is while the legal base for their creation is formed. But their future financial base is more interesting, of course. And it as imagine in Fund of housing and communal services and in minregione, should be formed at the expense of means of regional and municipal budgets, and the main thing - at the expense of means of tenants.

While the federal program of assistance to housing and communal services reforming operates, citizens participate in sofinansirovanii all for 5 percent. What will be a parity of shares of participants of regional funds, is not absolutely clear yet, but experts assert that citizens any more will not get off with a formal share.

answering a question of the correspondent on in the people creation and financing of regional funds of assistance to housing and communal services reforming how many will manage, Konstantin Tsitsin has noticed that, in - the first, participation in such projects - business voluntary. In - the second, it has reminded that today in 57 regions of the country (686 municipal areas) in monthly utility bills of the population there is a position for capital repairs . According to the specification confirmed by the government of the Russian Federation, current year this payment makes 5 roubles for square metre. Next year it will be 5 roubles of 60 copecks. That is if at you 50 - metre apartment now payment makes 250 roubles a month. It, can, and not for all it is unprofitable, but a problem that now this money is not used by target order. The management company can start up them, for example, on repayment of debts on housing and communal services of unfair owners of apartments. And the mechanism which would force UK to direct this money exclusively on the future repair while is not present.