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The Moscow State University has received 5 mlrd roubles on the program of development till 2020

the Order about allocation of the Moscow State University of means for realisation of the program of development till 2020 the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has signed. Also the government confirms also the program about which the rector of the Moscow State University Victor Sadovnichy has told yesterday to journalists.

we Will remind that this document is necessary for university in connection with the special status which is appropriated the Moscow State University, and also St.Petersburg State University by the president in December of last year. At the heart of the program - ten priority directions of development of the main high school of the country. According to Sadovnichego, is among them such, on which Moscow State Universities is going to win first place in the world. It and supercalculations and bionanosistemy. By the way, next year according to the Moscow State University program intend to construct and start a so-called bioincubator - original factory of projects on bio - and nanotehnologijam. In prospects of development till 2020 at the Moscow State University in general it is a lot of buildings. It is technopark on 10 thousand the square metres, three educational cases, a hostel, a mountain observatory...

Certainly, means which be required on all it, exceed allocated five billions, but, according to Sadovnichego, it only the beginning. However, now it is difficult to assume volume of budgetary funds which will be allocated by the Moscow State University in two years, but it is possible to speak about vnebjudzhetke . The rector named almost astronomical sum of 77 billion roubles which the high school intends to involve and master till 2020.

According to the development program in 2011 of the Moscow State University will start to learn students under own educational standards. They are already developed for experts and masters. These two levels will be primary at university, and bachelors will appear in minority. According to Sadovnichego, 4 years of training are not university level.

- we Will prepare experts of new type, - Sadovnichy has told. - With six-year term of training. It will be deeper formation already because in first one and a half years the student will receive interfaculty preparation. That is, having arrived, let us assume, on higher mathematics faculty, at the first year and it is a little more on the second will study both philosophy, and history, and foreign languages. Being trained in six years, the student can receive in the end of training at once two diplomas - both the expert, and the master. For this purpose in the middle of 5 - go a course it will be necessary to declare that he wants to take place magisterskuju the program.

In high school it is prepared 100 additional new magisterskih programs on which, by the way, the Moscow State University with pleasure will take bachelors from other high schools. Those who will arrive in the Moscow State University in 2011, upon termination of high school will receive already new nominal diploma of the Moscow State University of Lomonosov.

In the Moscow State University plan that by 2020 the quantity of the trained will grow to 70 thousand persons (now - about 40 thousand). The number of foreign students will reach 35 percent (now about 19 percent). Victor Sadovnichy very much hopes that will be possible to raise a rating tsitiruemosti research assistants of the Moscow State University at world level. Today on one scientific Moscow university 40 references in a year are necessary. By 2020 the lath needs to be lifted about 150 references.

direct speech

Victor Sadovnichy, the rector of the Moscow State University:

- to Realize such program - business very uneasy. It is necessary to change psychology of the whole generation of professionals, after all, as a matter of fact, we pass to qualitatively new system of preparation of experts. All possibilities for this purpose at us are.