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Konstantin Romodanovsky: the Problem not that is a lot of migrants, and that is not enough of us

it is similar to sensation: in structure FMS there was a division of a humanitarian orientation - Management of assistance of integration.

Against not stopping hearings that here - here will deduce migration from - under the militia authorities (since 2001 FMS there is that in structure under the authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), this news is perceived unequivocally. Hardly migrants will be integrated by the militiaman.

Director FMS Romodanovsky when we one of these days have met, has refused flatly to discuss this exciting question on independence of service. However an essence of our conversation it is free - it was involuntarily reduced to that migration became today such serious social problem what to be engaged in it independent civil department should, certainly.

- Konstantin Olegovich when 18 years ago it was created FMS, its mission was benevolent reception of migrants. To Russia as on rescue island, have directed then millions our compatriots, and Russia was very poor, but all - taki the service tried, as could, help immigrants. But after FMS have transferred in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the purpose of a migratory policy became opposite: not protection, and, forgive, war with migrants. If earlier immigrants waited from the state the status, a roof over the head now even legalisation is difficult for receiving. Whether it is normal, what, coming back to the historical native land, people for years elicit citizenship as alms?

- Let`s not to mix all in one heap. For the last years character of migration to Russia has strikingly changed.

If at first after Union disintegration to us immigrants, on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE since 2000 - h powerful streams of labour migrants have gone went exclusively. The visa-free regime allows them to drive and three months to be at us lawfully. But then the majority, without having issued the work permit, fade into the background.

By our estimations, in Russia from 3 to 5 million migrants work illegally, and basically it, of course, bezvizoviki from the CIS. I in the beginning of September here have made an one-day cut on our electronic system of the migratory account. It has appeared that in territory of Russia was an order of 7 million foreign citizens. Who they? One million, say, have arrived to relatives and friends or to be treated, or tourists. One million more - the labour migrants working on the basis of lawful permissions. And what do the others of 5 million? I do not want to tell that they hang about, they too where - that work, but - without permissions. Have driven lawfully, and work illegally. Also what, this situation seems to you normal?

- Any sane person will not tell that millions illegal immigrants it is good. But I know on personal contact with very many migrants that they at all did not want to get in illegal immigrants, and became them from - for absence of quotas. Work is, workers are required, and quotas have come to an end. Well, you, Konstantin Olegovich, it perfectly know all. In general, the existing system kvotirovanija is any devilish smithy on mass punching of illegal immigrants. As one known expert, " was expressed; the mechanism kvotirovanija is not present, but it operates . And after all it is known that the best way of struggle against illegal migration is a legalisation.

- About quotas - the complicated question, not FMS establishes them. First of all define quotas regions, and not all of them concern business responsibly. If completely system to cancel how to protect work home market? In the majority of the developed countries of a quota exist. I can, truth to pass an opinion the personal opinion of small-scale business: Here to these businessmen it is really difficult, and at times and it is impossible to predict by May, 1st, that is for eight months forward that will be with their business and what workers be required to them in new year. By the way, RSPP adheres to the same point of view. Well and about legalisation as the best way of struggle against illegal migration - completely agree. Yes we actually on this way also go.

- you mean patents?

- Not only. To facilitate bezvizovikam legal employment we have begun in 2007 when the amendments essentially simplifying procedure of legalisation have been made to the migratory legislation. And at once about four millions migrants it was possible then to deduce from a shade - to put on the migratory account. Two million 200 thousand have received the work permit (before them was all 400 thousand). We have entered, for example, practice of post sending of notices on statement on the account. If in 2007 - m 5 percent of migrants, last year - already twenty five percent have used this unusual way only. We aspire to reduce dialogue of the person with the official to a minimum to exclude corruption risks.

And this year at us has occurred, it is possible to tell, the second after 2007 migratory revolution . Yes, I mean the short stories, concerning highly skilled experts, and the patents, of course, mentioned by you. Here would like to underline that thereby FMS realises for a long time the differentiation of labour migrants conceived by us. Agree, it was not absolutely ethic, when the class expert, actually the investor, should stand in long turns on Novinsky parkway, and then in the general turns makes tests on AIDS, lepru and etc. But so provided the law. We have changed this law. Especially valuable workers, whose annual earnings reach two millions roubles, receive the work permit without any bureaucracy. Americans speak: at Europeans supposedly a blue card, and at you in Russia this card - gold.

- But here scientific institutes in insult: their budget does not allow even to stars of the first magnitude to pay such huge salaries.

- In the law it is provided that the government can change rates according to priorities of development of the Russian economy. In this plan the law flexible. Migration - thin sphere, it is necessary to combine interests of the state with aspirations of the person constantly. Where - where, and at the migratory policy should be, as you write, a human face .

- About patents if will allow, I will tell from myself. This law really illustration of that my favourite formula that the best way of struggle against illegal migration is a legalisation. It is known that all over the world the migrants working in a private sector, quite often remain in the shadow also the governments do not know that with this grey weight to do. To us told a ridiculous case: the minister of migration of one western country publicly admitted that the nurse works for it - nelegalka. For the frankness it has paid with a post. On - to mine, unfairly. In general in the relation to illegal migration it is a lot of hypocrisy: all with it are indignant and at the same time that a sin to conceal, much it is favourable - and to the employers leaving from taxes, and partly migrants. Only here to the state it is absolutely unprofitable. Here again in which - that eyelids I want to praise FMS. Introduction of patents is and humane, and at the same time a pragmatic step. To pay one thousand roubles a month for legalisation and protection against a militian arbitrariness - I think, the majority will agree with pleasure.

Sceptics, truth, say that militiamen begin to tear these pieces of paper about payment, and migrants - to forge. Well, will be, probably, both that and another. But it is impossible from - for such costs (they in each good business are inevitable) to deprive millions people of the right to a freedom in choosing. Experience of the first migratory revolution when migrants so actively have gone to be registered on the simplified procedure, has shown that to us people basically the respectable go. If only it did not put barriers continually.

- Regretfully should notice: meanwhile millions and even hundred thousand to be legalised to us have not gone. For two and a half a month for the patent in territorial bodies FMS has addressed 70 thousand persons. It would be possible to calm itself: business new, the middle of year, migrants - the people intimidated as mass-media have tried to overtake a fog in brains. I think, we should inform more widely migrants on this mechanism, including with your help. And then by the end of the year we leave on hundred thousand.

- Here there is one more complexity which, I do not know, you considered or not. I speak about legal nihilism of our society. After all the decision to go or not to follow the patent, the migrant will accept in coordination with the owner for whom works. Whether and so consciousness of local population is great? If the migrant has an interest to become legal its owner, most likely, will tell: yes it is fine, whether it is necessary to communicate, live supposedly as veins.

- Yes. To break the societies which have developed in consciousness stereotypes - the most difficult. And here we approach to an integration theme for the sake of which you, actually, to me and have come. An essence of integration that is process bilateral, so to say, - road with oncoming traffic. Here many complain: have come in large numbers to us, Moscow have captivated, do not know Russian, behave on - boorishly... And whether often we remember the simple law of physics which learnt at school: each action meets equal counteraction. Both we concern visitors, and they will concern us. Yes if Russians simply remember that our court yard and streets not by magic became pure more than ever that houses so quickly grow not because our local youth very much is torn to building and that almost in each city apartment though any time the manual labour was executed by the guest worker... If ourselves concerned to " more humanly; come in large numbers also they would conduct themselves more validly. And so, posudite, what for, for example, to the guest worker to study Russian if we at all do not want to talk to it, for the person we do not consider...

- Well, Konstantin Olegovich, to you you will listen - it is possible to think that migratory service, undertaken (at last - that!) For integration of migrants, expects to re-educate and all our not tolerant society.

- to Influence a society, and on us, officials, you should, public organisations, social councils which are at all our regional governments. Bring up us, push, educate... And the press for what?! Know, simply angrily takes. After all reached that some politicians and your colleagues - journalists strove to appoint migrants the main originators of crisis. And migrants - people practical, they should feed huge families, instead of at a stock exchange it to be marked. Became hardly with work in the Central region - percent 40 have left to the Far East. I consider criminal to hang on migrants a label of criminals. Know, to me already toshno to repeat from year to year the same figure: only 3,5 percent from the general criminality across Russia are necessary on migrants, and about third is connected with use of counterfeit documents. It is the official statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at anybody other data on the country is not present and cannot be. You speak, you explain... Or other example - Kondopoga which has become by an antimigratory horror story for long times. The majority of Russians does not understand till now that the conflict at all migrants, and our Russian citizens there have arranged. Yes, different nationalities.

- And in the meantime continually you hear from rescuers Russia: it is necessary supposedly all strangers to banish, enter a visa regime into the CIS and then we will begin to live easy.

- Me amazes, we will softly tell, narrow-mindedness such rescuers . They that, do not understand that drug dealers and the other evil spirits with ease will get both the visa, and the passport, and behind a cordon there are those our compatriots who are just necessary to Russia. The expert of your magazine, the known scientist Jeanne Zajonchkovsky correctly speaks: Leisure discussions about that, are necessary or Russia migrants is not necessary, it is time to finish. As air they are necessary to us! Russia loses on one million labour population a year. And for each dollar earned by the guest worker in the country budget arrives to six dollars.

- Konstantin Olegovich! Our conversation goes basically about labour migrants, and Russia is most of all interested in new inhabitants.

- At you, Lydia Ivanovna, out-of-date representation. Labour migration and resettlement are informed vessels. Will manage on - good to accept, integrate time hard workers - they become permanent residents.

- Yes, it in an ideal. But in that is that and a trouble that visitors on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE face at us such large object of mockeries that the enemy will not wish. Many years I write in about tragedies illegal immigrants necessarily . About exclusion of Russian from Russia. Same the absurdity, any madness. It not seems to you, Konstantin Olegovich that if undertakes FMS integration the first step should become so-called immigration amnesty for those our compatriots who lives for a long time in Russia, without having legal status. It is old ours with you conversation...

- It agree: it is necessary to understand with people who from - for absence of necessary documents could not be legalised in time and have appeared driven into a corner. They all the same anywhere from us will not get to, so really it to the death to go without the passport? But it is necessary to understand that an axe this knot you will not split. Here it is a lot of categories, nuances. Also it is impossible to tell that the migratory service does not see this problem. You know that we have already started it to solve. Here the Governmental commission on the migratory policy which chairman you too are, has made in the State Duma the offer on legalisation (almost without any documents) our compatriots who have driven to Russia still children, parents have not taken care, that them to document, and now these children have grown and cannot receive the passport.

- But, fairly to tell, it is such small slice of the hugest tragedy...

- And you want all and at once! So does not happen. Any initiative FMS should be co-ordinated with various departments, we are obliged to consider opinions of colleagues.

- But why so painfully long dvizhutsja your initiatives? It seems, even in the spring at a meeting with prime minister Putin Vy have suggested to clean a superfluous step - RVP (the permission to time residing) at reception of citizenship and at once to give to compatriots residence permit. As were delighted then our immigrants! And here wait - wait, the summer has passed, autumn in a heat...

- If I will answer, what in all is guilty FMS, we pull it, we badly work, to you that, it becomes easier? Well it is fine, we will not quarrel at last. As to cancellation RVP, I can tell: we have developed a package of proposals (there after all many articles of the law should be changed), and all is now on the coordination in the government. Is at us and other interesting short stories on legalisation which, I hope, it will be pleasant to you. But about it while early to speak.

- Will tell at the following meeting?

- it is possible.

P. S.

Certainly, our almost two-hour conversation was not such peace as looks now on a paper. I and so constantly publish critiques about migration on pages. I have reminded the director of concrete destinies of heroes of my articles, illegal immigrants necessarily victims because of employees FMS, also was indignant with that migratory officials usually do not hasten to rectify the errors.

Romodanovsky not with all agreed, frowned, but all - taki promised to return to those zavisshim to stories. And after all how many at it such stories! About three years ago, when we went with Konstantin Olegovichem to Yaroslavl (the director pacified there the too zealous subordinate, trying to turn out to Turkmenistan a family of Russian immigrants), he admitted to me on obratnom ways: Know, with what thought I wake up in the mornings and I go to bed: how to change mentality of our employees?

When number

the Government of the Russian Federation was imposed Yesterday has introduced in the State Duma the bill to which is offered to lower from 30 percent to 13 percent the size of the tax rate concerning all types of income for participants of the program of assistance to voluntary resettlement of compatriots from - for a boundary to Russia and members of their families before acquisition of the status of the tax resident of the Russian Federation by them.

the Bill is developed to reduce financial loading by this category of people. Also this document contains the positions releasing them from payment of the state duty on registration of the foreign citizen or the person without citizenship in a residence in Russia.