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Mihaj Gimpu has signed the decree about dissolution of parliament of Moldova

the Speaker of parliament of Moldova Mihaj Gimpu simultaneously fulfilling duties of the president, on Tuesday has signed the decree about dissolution of the highest legislative body of the country. Thereby one more attempt to deduce the state from prolonged anarchy is undertaken.

More than a year in Moldova there is no duly elected president. And the overcoming the crisis in those conditions is represented all less and less probable.

Preliminary Gimpu has addressed in the Constitutional court of republic which has taken out the conclusion that the fact neizbranija the president of the country on elections on November, 10th and repeated elections on December, 7th last year is the sufficient basis for such step.

the Essence of the impasse which has developed in the country consists that under the law in force of the president of the country should choose parliament. However at present structure of deputies to achieve it it is almost impossible. The election held in the end of the past year has accurately shown it. As the candidate for presidents on them the leader of Democratic party Marian the Magnifier acted, but to collect necessary the three fifth votes of deputies (61 of 101) it could not. It did not have not enough 8 voices. And communists being in opposition then have ignored process of voting and have at all left a session hall. Whether only here can change new elections alignment of forces in Moldova?