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The government of Moscow has discussed the bill About nedroispolzovanii

Session of the capital government has begun yesterday, as well as usually, is equal in 10. 00. The first deputy the mayor Vladimir Resin appointed the Decree of the president of the Russian Federation now temporarily fulfilling duty of the mayor of capital, without prefaces has offered going to pass to the agenda.

As it is known, under the Moscow asphalt is not present either oil, or gas, other minerals which could bring in the big incomes in city treasury. sand yes clay, that`s all resources - the main architect of a city Alexander Kuzmin has reminded at discussion appearing under number of one bill About nedropolzovanii in Moscow . Nevertheless the bill has caused rough discussion. And it is explainable. Failures in streets became for a long time the ordinary phenomenon almost on all city. In them disappear not only cars, but also the whole trucks. Ecologists even more often state alarm for destiny of separate buildings and even housing estates. The reason of it name unreasoned intrusion into underground spaces during building more often. On purpose to secure Moscow against such threats, according to the deputy the head of department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment of Moscow Marinas Vakuly, and attempt to develop the bill with the program of measures on protection of bowels has been undertaken.

According to the director of Institute of geoecology of academician Victor Osipov, it is extremely important to Moscow to have such law, as the geological environment is a stability basis in total in a city to suppose its infringements in no event it is impossible at least because it is not restored . Expecting the ambiguous relation to the document, the academician has noticed: However, nature protection laws are included always into the contradiction with economic activities .

it was not necessary to wait for Contradictions. the Rent which the investor pays today for the earth, and will pay also for bowels, does not stimulate development of underground space in a city - the head of department of property Vladimir Silkin has declared the deputy the mayor of Moscow. According to the deputy of the Moscow municipal duma Oleg Bocharova, people with the money, wishing to work in Moscow, the new order will simply frighten off: after all they at first need to win competition on the earth under building, suppose, an apartment house, and then - still competition under a construction of underground garage under it. And further - to buy the licence for work in bowels, to pass long examination in which course the authorised body - the doubler of existing Mosgorekspertizy, will check up, whether the builder is capable to conduct this building. and now projects pass coordination in a city for two years and only year object is under construction. And what is the time with introduction of the new law it is required? - members of the government spoke. If the law worsens an investment climate in Moscow and rejects building in a city on 20 years ago, what for it to accept? - Vladimir Resin has agreed. - idea shining, but we too early with it left - he has concluded. As a result it has been decided to consider possibility instead of acceptance of the city law to leave with the legislative initiative in the State Duma and to offer amendments to the federal law on modification of the law on the bowels, recently accepted in the first reading.

By the way

As informs Interfax all members of the capital government, including prefects of districts, will fulfil the duties till the moment when the president will bring in Moscow City Council when due hereunder a nominee of the new Moscow town governor. The city government will combine the powers before the new mayor of Moscow. The organizational, regular and personal structure of a new office will be defined by the new mayor after its statement Moscow City Council.